Cost of living payments start April 28

$250 Cost of Living payment: Are you eligible?

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The $250 Cost of Living payment will begin landing in people's bank accounts from April 28.


The $250 Cost of Living payment announced in last month's federal budget will begin from April 28.

The one-off payment will go to Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs customers who were living in Australia on March 29, 2022, or temporarily overseas for an approved reason, and either receiving an eligible payment or have an eligible concession card.

Eligible payments are: ABSTUDY Living Allowance, age pension, Austudy, carer payment, carer allowance (but only if you do not receive another income support payment), disability support pension, double orphan pension, farm household allowance, JobSeeker payment, parenting payment, youth allowance for students and Australian apprentices, youth allowance for jobseekers, and eligible Department of Veterans' Affairs payments.

Eligible concession cards are the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, Pension Concession Card (if you do not receive an income support payment) and DVA Gold Cards.

You will only receive one Cost of Living payment, even if you get more than one eligible payment or concession card.

You do not need to apply for the payment; if you are eligible, it will be paid automatically.

The payment is not taxable.

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