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Like many, Geoffrey Wohlers has a love for classic cars.
Therese Murray
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Geoffrey and Maxine Wohlers with their beloved Zephyr. Picture supplied
Kiwi Nick Ashill's epic 4000km Australian run honours late mum
Rowan Cowley
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Nick Ashill and his mother Barbara prior to her death in 2015. Picture supplied
'Often you're opening your dinner table to others'
Emily Anderson
The Mohammed's welcomed the Glen Innes community into their culture through a free iftar dinner, and will open their home for Eid al-Fitr. Picture supplied
Bill Purdy opens up about that fateful day and the "longest three hours" faced during his time in the military.
Anthony Caggiano
World War II veteran Bill Purdy shares his observations of what he saw from the sky as a pilot during D-Day in the Battle of Normandy. Inset is a picture of a Lancaster Bomber, the type of plane Bill flew. Pictures by ACM/Peter Stoop and Cpl Phil Major ABIPP/Wikimedia Commons.
These young lives are given dignity while their families grieve.
Eileen Wood
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South Australian members of Angel Gowns Australia. From left Kathy Read, Ida Webster, Tricia Hughes, Alyson Menzies, Jane Matthews, Helen Seed, Louise Watkins, Carol Taylor, Mavis Taylor. Carol Taylor and Glenda Wait. Picture supplied
From carving to metal work, discover this man's fine talents for developing striking creative pieces.
Marion Williams
Long Beach, NSW, sculptor Paul Dimmer at work on another of his distinctive works. Picture supplied