Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018

Week to think about what matters

TALKING about dying won't kill you. That's one of the messages behind National Palliative Care Week, which runs until May 28.

The annual awareness-raising week organised by Palliative Care Australia is about highlighting the need for Australians to plan ahead for their end-of-life care and to discuss it with their loved ones and health professionals.

The theme of this year's event is 'what matters most?' with events planned around Australia… more


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Digital Paper 1st May, 2018

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Monday, 14th May, 2018


WHEN things get difficult, most people change the subject. Hide away. Stick their heads in the sand. Say, “oh, I’ll do that next week”. But as a society we’re starting to see how avoiding conflict or difficult conversations, or putting things off, is not healthy or productive for anyone.

Let’s talk about the difficult things that you may have been putting off – like what will happen to your family… more