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Explore the cultural influences and history behind this global sensation.
Garritt C. van Dyk
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Italian sugar cane cutters in the Innisfail district, Queensland, in 1923. Left to right: R. Cavallaro, F. Leonardi, P. Zaia, A. D'Urso, M. Bonanna, S. Zappalo, L. D'Urso, G. Lizzio, Alfio Lizzio (child) and Carmela Lizzio (cook). Picture by State Library Queensland/Wikimedia Commons
Captain Alexander Lusher is one of the ship's victims who have descendants.
Captain Alexander Lusher, SS Nemesis above water, and a photograph of her on the sea bed. Pictures supplied, CSIRO
The Rangers have been added to the 'Club of Pioneers'.
Jordan Warren
The Balgownie Rangers have been confirmed as the oldest registered football club in the country. Pictured are team members in 1921. Picture credit Travis Faulks
Kevin Greenaway recalls the weapons training he did for security.
John Piggott
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Kevin Greenaway (left) and Balmoral CBC. Pictures supplied
The east-Orange mansion is one of the city's grand old buildings.
Tanya Marschke
The mansion at Kinross Wolaroi School. Picture by Carla Freedman