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10 most popular artificial plants for around the house

With an incredibly lifelike looking range of artificial plants now available, you don't have to have a green thumb to enjoy beautiful plants in your home. Picture Shutterstock
With an incredibly lifelike looking range of artificial plants now available, you don't have to have a green thumb to enjoy beautiful plants in your home. Picture Shutterstock

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If you love the look of indoor plants but either have no time to care for them or struggle to keep them alive despite your best efforts, then artificial plants are the ideal solution.

Allowing you to enjoy the calming aesthetic that indoor greenery brings with zero upkeep, high-quality artificial plants can be almost impossible to tell apart from real ones.

If you're keen to update your space with easy-care artificial plants but have no idea where to begin, our rundown of the top ten most popular options will help you on your way.

From large statement plants to classic countertop options, there truly is something for everyone.

1 Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

A perennial favourite in interior design, artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig plants come in a variety of sizes and heights.

Often used as a statement tree, the large, glossy and beautifully textured green leaves immediately add a fresh look to any space.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Figs. Picture supplied
Artificial Fiddle Leaf Figs. Picture supplied

2 Artificial Bamboo

A sleek and elegant addition to any home, artificial Bamboo plants feature a multitude of soft green foliage contrasted against the warm, neutral tones of their woody ringed stems.

3 Artificial Giant Bird Of Paradise

For a truly eye-catching statement piece, you cannot go past a Giant Bird of Paradise.

With huge, sweeping leaves on long, angular stems, these artificial plants strike the perfect balance between classic and modern making them well-suited to almost any space.

4 Artificial Pothos

The Pothos or 'Devil's Ivy' is a compact yet lush addition for window sills and counters, its trailing stems also make it well suited to hanging planters.

For added interest consider having several different varieties such as a variegated option with yellow or white splashes among the green.

5 Artificial String Of Pearls

Increasingly sought after as an indoor plant but notoriously difficult to keep alive, opting for an artificial String Of Pearls instead gives you the chance to enjoy this plant without stress.

Featuring delicate bead-like leaves on long, trailing stems, this plant is perfect for wall planters and hanging baskets in any room of your home.

6 Artificial Monstera

An absolute classic, the large glossy green leaves of the Monstera plant with their 'Swiss-cheese' holes have serious visual appeal.

Available in several sizes and a creamy-variegated option, an artificial Monstera is one plant every homeowner should invest in.

The classic Monstera. Picture supplied
The classic Monstera. Picture supplied

7 Artificial Rubber Tree

Densely and darkly leafed, seriously lush artificial rubber trees instantly make an impact, delivering a high level of greenery to your home.

Often featured with contrasting, deep red leaf tips or burgundy leaf variegations, this plant is ideal for creating a more mature or sophisticated feel in a room.

8 Artificial Agave

A rich green, architecturally leafed succulent, the Agave is highly favoured in coastal design or Spanish colonial settings.

The perfect accent plant for any room in your home, they truly shine when placed in a contrasting coloured pot.

9 Artificial Fern

With soft lace-like leaves and available in multiple varieties to suit your preferred aesthetic, artificial ferns perfectly suit both modern and classic design styles.

Enjoy in a statement pot, add dimension to a room by placing one in a hanging pot or use them to create a faux garden wall. Ferns can do it all.

10 Artificial Calathea

Available with deep green leaves with rich burgundy undersides, in bright green, variegated with white and more, Calathea offer exceptional diversity in design.

Featuring slender stems with wide, oval-shaped leaves, these plants instantly refresh a space and create a stunning focal point.

Enjoy indoor plant perfection year round with zero fuss

Indoor artificial plants are a fantastic way to instantly add a calming natural element to your home and enhance your design aesthetic.

With an incredibly lifelike and realistic-looking range of indoor artificial plants now available, you no longer need to have a green thumb to enjoy having beautiful plants in your home.

Whether you're hoping to create a lush tropical vibe, a more serene space, or simply introduce more colour and interest to your home, indoor artificial plants are the ideal solution. Zero maintenance and maximum impact, what's not to love about that?