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A review of the 2023 Melbourne Cup

Let's dive into the 2023 Melbourne Cup, where the turf met tradition. Picture Shutterstock
Let's dive into the 2023 Melbourne Cup, where the turf met tradition. Picture Shutterstock

The Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation, once again graced Flemington Racecourse in 2023, delivering a spectacle that blended heart-stopping moments with a touch of racing elegance.

As the champagne corks popped and the fashionistas flaunted their finery, let's dive into the review of the 2023 Melbourne Cup - a day where the turf met tradition in the most exhilarating fashion.

The run for the Roses: A stellar line-up

The 2023 Melbourne Cup boasted a stellar lineup of equine talent, each thoroughbred vying for a slice of racing history. The anticipation was palpable as trainers, jockeys, and punters alike eyed the coveted trophy. The field was a mosaic of international contenders, seasoned campaigners, and up-and-coming stars - a testament to the global allure of the Melbourne Cup.

Among the contenders were familiar names like Incentivise, the hot favourite with a remarkable winning streak leading up to the Cup. The international flavour was added by entrants such as Twilight Payment, bringing a touch of overseas flair to the prestigious event. The diversity of the field set the stage for a riveting clash of speed, stamina, and strategic prowess.

Incentivise's dominance: A horse in a league of Its own

As the gates swung open, it was clear that Incentivise meant business. The Darren Weir-trained gelding showcased an impressive turn of foot, surging ahead with a commanding lead. Jockey Brett Prebble guided Incentivise with finesse, maintaining a perfect rhythm that left competitors struggling to catch up.

Incentivise's dominance was a sight to behold. The thunderous applause from the Flemington stands echoed the sentiment of witnessing a potential racing legend in action. The horse's relentless gallop down the home straight left no room for doubt - Incentivise wasn't just participating; it was on a mission to etch its name into the annals of Melbourne Cup folklore. Everyone knew horse racing history was about to be made.

Contenders and challengers: The theatre of the cup

While Incentivise stole the spotlight, the theatre of the Melbourne Cup unfolded in the battles for the minor placings. Spanish Mission, known for its staying prowess, mounted a strong challenge in the final furlongs. Twilight Payment, the 2020 Melbourne Cup winner, exhibited a veteran's tenacity, refusing to be overshadowed.

In the closing stages, as Incentivise thundered towards victory, the scramble for second and third place intensified. Spanish Mission's surge and Twilight Payment's resilience added layers to the narrative, creating a thrilling spectacle for punters and race enthusiasts alike. The Melbourne Cup, true to its reputation, delivered not just a winner but a tapestry of stories within the race.


As the sun set on Flemington Racecourse and the cheers of the crowd lingered in the air, the 2023 Melbourne Cup left an indelible mark on the racing calendar. Incentivise's commanding performance will be etched in the memories of racing enthusiasts, reaffirming the Cup's status as a showcase of the finest in thoroughbred racing.

Beyond the winner's circle, the fashion, festivities, and the communal spirit of the Melbourne Cup once again demonstrated why this event transcends its status as a horse race. It's a cultural phenomenon, a day where tradition meets the thrill of the turf, and where the roar of the hooves is accompanied by the clink of champagne glasses.

As we bid adieu to another chapter in Melbourne Cup history, the echoes of Incentivise's triumph and the pageantry of Flemington's fashion will resonate until the horses thunder down the track once again, bringing with them the promise of another exhilarating Melbourne Cup.

Until then, may your bets be lucky, your outfits fabulous, and the racing spirit alive and well. Cheers to the Melbourne Cup - the race that continues to capture our hearts and stop a nation.

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