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Garage upgrades: Boost your home value with these tips

Improving your garage may have surprising benefits beyond adding to the value of your home. Picture Shutterstock
Improving your garage may have surprising benefits beyond adding to the value of your home. Picture Shutterstock

This article is in partnership with Fair Dinkum Builds.

Want to increase the value of your home? Simple adjustments can turn your garage from an afterthought to a positive aspect.

We'll go through some advice to help you in giving your garage the upgrade it deserves, enhancing its appeal and raising its value.

Whether you're hoping to wow potential buyers or simply make more use of the space for yourself and your family, these ideas are sure to spark inspiration.

Read on to learn how improving your garage may have surprising benefits beyond adding to the value of your home.

The purpose of garage

A garage is often seen as a storage area, but it's also the first thing that people see when they enter your home. It may make a statement and have an influence on visitors, much like your front yard or living room.

A well-kept garage can also make your house more useful by giving you more room for storage and hobbies. Also, a safe and organised garage can protect your vehicles from weather-related damage.

But most importantly, garages are known to add value to your home. For instance, Fair Dinkum Builds garages are custom-built and can make a striking addition to any home exterior, increasing its curb appeal.

Different styles of garages

Let's look at the numerous sorts of garages you might consider for your home before we get started with the tips. Here are some common styles:

  • Standalone garage
  • Gable roof double garage
  • Boatshed garage with double roller
  • Single door garage
  • Single garage with gable roof
  • Storage shed with garaport and triple door garage
  • Double-car gable garage

These are just a few examples, but there are many more styles to choose from that can add value and functionality to your home.

5 Tips to boost your garage's value

Now, let's get into the tips that can help you transform your garage from a plain storage space to a valuable part of your home:

1. Add proper storage space

One of the easiest ways to improve your garage's value is by incorporating storage solutions. You can install shelves, cabinets, and organisers to keep things tidy and secure.

This improves the space's use while also increasing its worth to future owners. De-clutter the place and get rid of anything unnecessary.

2. Upgrade the flooring

Given the amount of time people spend in their garages, it's critical that the flooring is strong and attractive. You can choose easy-to-clean and maintain epoxy coating or tiles.

The appearance of your garage as a whole can be significantly improved by this straightforward addition. This makes it a multi-functional space that may be used for more than just parking.

3. Invest in good lighting

In a garage, the right illumination may make all the difference. In addition to improving the aesthetics, it also makes moving around safer and simpler.

Consider adding overhead lights or task lighting, depending on your needs. You can also add some natural light by establishing a skylight or larger windows.

4. Consider insulation and ventilation

Considering insulation and ventilation is a smart idea if you're aiming for a functional garage that provides more than just storage. By insulating the walls, ceiling, and doors, you can maintain your garage warm in winter and cool in summer.

This allows the space to be utilised all year round for activities like working out or DIY projects. Adequate ventilation also prevents moisture buildup, which can cause damage to your belongings and vehicles.

5. Add a touch of personality

To make your garage seem like home, personalise it. That could include painting the walls and decorating or making it a themed space.

You can also incorporate smart technology, such as a smart garage door opener or security system, to enhance functionality and convenience. This will impress potential buyers and make your garage stand out from the rest.


In conclusion, a garage is more than just a place to park your car or dump seldom-used items. With a bit of creativity and some savvy improvements, it can significantly enhance your home's value and functionality.

Whether it's through well-thought-out storage solutions, attractive and durable flooring, good lighting, insulation and ventilation, or adding a touch of personal flair, upgrading your garage can pay off in substantial ways.

So, don't overlook your garage when thinking about home improvement - it just might be the unexpected game-changer you need. Consider the above tips and see the difference they make in adding value to your home. Good luck!