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Retirement living: what will you look forward to?

More free time, less financial stress and new friends are among the benefits of retirement communities. Picture supplied
More free time, less financial stress and new friends are among the benefits of retirement communities. Picture supplied

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The decision to make the move to a retirement community may seem daunting to start with but, once the decluttering is done and your home is sold, you can begin a low-maintenance lifestyle and look forward to a fresh new chapter.

With over 85 Aveo retirement communities across Australia, you can be sure to find a place where you can share your passions and interests with like-minded people, discover new friendships, and live life to the fullest.

What will you look forward to most?

Less worries, more time for you

For many residents, the move to retirement living is the start of a lifestyle with fewer worries.

Roger, a resident at Parkside Carindale by Aveo says "You've got no lawns to be mowed. No edges to be cut. Just look forward to happy hour at four o'clock. It's perfect."

Fellow resident Jan says moving in has given her a new lease on life.

"One of the best things about retirement living is having time for yourself and doing the things you love,'' Jan says. "I feel really healthy, strong and full of life.''

With more time, you can discover new hobbies or renew your interest in old ones, expand your social circle, get fit, plan that holiday, or just relax - the choice is yours.

Feeling financial relief

For some, downsizing can free up equity from your family home allowing you to enjoy a more financially comfortable retirement.

Without the ongoing costs associated with maintaining a large home and yard, retirement living can offer surprising affordability.

Another resident, Del, has found life financially easier after moving to Aveo with her husband.

"It's a new phase of our lives. We don't have financial worries and are really enjoying our lives together,'' she says.

Making new friends

Many residents living in Aveo retirement communities speak of feeling welcomed by staff and residents, and finding a true sense of belonging after they moved in.

Like-minded residents quickly become close friends. There's always someone around to meet for a coffee or a chat, join a fitness class together or have a game of cards or billiards.

You can be as involved in the social activities as much or as little as you like, but it's hard to feel lonely with people looking out for you.

"If you are pretty social, or you like meeting people, this is the place to be," says Roger. "Don't leave it too late to move in."

Why not come and have a look?

Take the first step to great retirement living and find out what an Aveo retirement community can offer you. Call 13 28 36 or visit to book your discovery tour with family and friends today.

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