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Ageing in place: Renovating and adapting your home using your equity

Adjusting your home as you age may be possible through a service like Homesafe Wealth Release. Picture supplied
Adjusting your home as you age may be possible through a service like Homesafe Wealth Release. Picture supplied

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Are you among the countless Australians who cherish the idea of ageing in the comfort and familiarity of your own home? It's a dream shared by many, but as we age, our homes may need adjustments to ensure they remain safe and comfortable. This is why many homeowners are considering a solution like Homesafe Wealth Release™ - a debt-free solution to help you adapt your home for the future.

The Desire to Age in Place

There's a reason why the concept of "ageing in place" has gained immense popularity. It's about retaining your independence, staying close to your community, and preserving the memories created within your home. However, as the years go by, physical limitations and safety concerns can emerge, necessitating modifications to your living space.

The Home Renovation Dilemma

Traditionally, financing home renovations meant taking out a loan or dipping into your savings. These options can come with hefty interest rates, monthly payments, and the fear of depleting your hard-earned nest egg. It's a difficult choice to make when you want to maintain your home's comfort and safety.

How can Homesafe Wealth Release help?

Homesafe Wealth Release™ is a trusted and transparent option for older homeowners which can empower you to adapt your home to your changing needs without the burden of debt. Here's why it's the ideal choice for ageing in place:

  • Debt-Free Freedom: With Homesafe, you are not going into debt. You're simply unlocking a portion of your home's equity, by selling a share of the future sale price of your home to Homesafe. There are no compounding interest charges and no monthly payments.
  • Home Renovation Made Easy: Whether you need to install handrails, widen doorways, or create a more accessible bathroom, Homesafe provides the financial means to make these improvements, ensuring your home is safe and convenient for your changing needs.
  • Preserving Your Independence: By adapting your home to your requirements, you maintain your independence. You won't need to relocate to assisted living facilities prematurely, allowing you to live life on your terms.
  • No Rush to Sell: Worried about having to sell your home quickly to repay a loan? With Homesafe, there's no pressure. Your arrangement with Homesafe will be in place until you choose to sell your home or when your Estate sells your home when the time comes - ensuring you can stay in your home for as long as you wish.

Imagine having the financial freedom to transform your home into a haven that caters to your evolving needs. With Homesafe Wealth Release, you can embrace ageing in place with confidence.

How can I make an enquiry with Homesafe?

The team at Homesafe offer personalised service by phone initially, and a no-obligation meeting with a Homesafe Mobile Specialist in the comfort of your home is organised to ensure you can receive all the information you - and your family - need to make an informed decision.

For more information on how Homesafe has helped baby boomers to payout debt for over 18 years, contact Homesafe on 1300 307 059 or visit

*Terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria apply. Homesafe Wealth Release™ is available in 90% of eligible postcodes in Melbourne & Sydney.

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