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A deep dive into AAIG: What you need to know

Here we take a deep dive into how AAIG was started, with a timeline of product, acquisition and company history. Picture Shutterstock
Here we take a deep dive into how AAIG was started, with a timeline of product, acquisition and company history. Picture Shutterstock

Let's take a deep dive into the beginnings of AAIG, its products, acquisitions and company history.

AAIG or Amalgamated Australian Investment Group is a corporation that strives to provide accessible investment tools to a global investor community.

Investment resources including ready-made investment portfolios and investing reports are offered by AAIG. These tools work together to provide support and knowledge to clients and users on board.

This article will take a deep dive into how AAIG was started, with a timeline of product, acquisition and company history.

What is AAIG and what products do they offer?

Established in 2009, AAIG is a privately held equity firm that aims to bring together different elements of the financial industry. This goal is achieved by AAIG's provision of financial products and technologies that are available for investors and AAIG shareholders to utilise.

AAIG has made several strategic acquisitions and now has a diversified portfolio of established companies under its management. This includes the Australian Stock Report as well as Ascot Securities. With growth as this enterprise's main priority, AAIG has developed these businesses to increase market share and long-term value, allowing for both their clients and their shareholders to benefit.

By amalgamating these businesses into a singular investment association, there is now a way to access all global markets and use the most innovative financial products through a single access point. For a number of different clients, including wholesale, private and institutional, AAIG provides divergent and in-depth investment resources.

A deep dive into AAIG: What you need to know
A deep dive into AAIG: What you need to know

What companies exist under AAIG's portfolio?

There are a number of financial services businesses that are within AAIG's portfolio, and together they provide extensive expertise, resources and advice. This includes insurance, wealth management, corporate advisory, financial planning and stockbroking. From these services, AAIG's wholesale, institutional and private clients are able to make efficient and informed financial decisions.

Group companies

Australian Stock Report

Australian Stock Report uses quality equity research to distribute information to a circulation base of 250,000 readers. Clients include traders, investors and trustees of self-managed super funds.

ASR Wealth Advisers

ASR Wealth Advisers provides general advice and dealing services to a wide range of clients. Its services range from domestic and international equities, managed funds, corporate advisory services, and trade execution.

Ascot Securities

Ascot Securities has been providing specialised stockbroking and advisory services for over 20 years. It is an ASX Market Participant, providing direct execution capability for institutional and private clients.

APSEC Funds Management

APSEC Funds Management is the investment manager for a registered investment scheme. This scheme was created with the primary objective of generating strong capital and income returns across all investment cycles.

Australian Investment and Insurance Group

Australian Investment and Insurance Group is an ASFL, Financial Planning firm and Dealer Group. It uses a traditional personal advice model to deliver financial planning services to clients. It also offers compliance services to wholesale and B2B dealer groups.

HC Securities

HC Securities provides general advice and dealing services in securities. It is a corporate authorised representative No 297316 of AAIS AFSL.

MIRS Analytics

MIRS Analytics offers business analytics software development and corporate accounting services. It helps to provide crystal-clear visibility of complex financial networks.


HALO Technologies

HALO Technologies is a leading global provider and developer of financial services and technology. It utilises expert knowledge and superior technology to bring advanced tools to everyday investors.

DomaCom Australia

DomaCom operates an investment platform. It will use the latest technology and equity concepts to allow investors to enter the fractional property market.

Success Publishing

Success Publishing is a Sydney-based media business that will publish Forbes Australia under licence. It was founded by an established entrepreneurial group, Success Global Media.

Resilient Fund Managers

Resilient Fund Managers operates in the open-ended investment companies sector. Founded in 1990, it was acquired by HALO Technologies in 2023.

AAIG and its history

Since its inception in 2009, AAIG has strived to create a portfolio of financial services operators that can provide all clients with a holistic approach to wealth growth. By looking into their history, we can see how AAIG aims to maintain growth in the future.

A deep dive into AAIG: What you need to know
A deep dive into AAIG: What you need to know


AAIG is established, aiming to bring together the fragmented financial services industry.


APSEC Funds Management (Atlantic Pacific Australian Equity Fund) is created and AAIG acquires Ascot Securities.


AAIG develops its portfolio by acquiring Australian Investment Insurance Group (AIIG).


Australian Stock Report and HC Securities are acquired and Ascot Securities becomes a market participant.


ASR Wealth Advisers is launched, offering investment advice and dealing services to a wide range of clients.


HALO Technologies is founded, providing leading knowledge and technology to all kinds of investors.

ASR Wealth Advisers launches Income and Options Report products, providing effective and digestible information to users.


MIRS Analytics is acquired, offering business analytics software development and corporate accounting services.


Macrovue, a next-generation investment platform, is acquired.


ASR Wealth Advisers significantly expands its offerings, with ETF, US Equities, Investing and Trading Reports.


HALO Technologies acquires a strategic interest in fractional investing platform DomaCom.


HALO Technologies lists on the Australian Stock Exchange, securing investment for future growth.

AAIG acquires a strategic interest in Success Publishing. Success Publishing will publish Forbes Australia under licence.

What Are AAIG's plans for growth into the future?

  1. Increase strategic acquisitions

With AAIG's main goal of promoting growth, the acquisition of additional financial services and corporations is a top priority. These acquisitions intend to provide further resources and access to AAIG clients and shareholders, as well as develop their financial umbrella for widespread industry advancement.

  1. Further develop existing portfolio companies

With the development of financial services companies such as HALO Technologies, AAIG aims for further cultivation to enable clients to receive the best utility possible. Recent acquisitions, including DomaCom, promote the expansion of AAIG's portfolio.

  1. Research and adapt to emerging Industries

Finally, AAIG hopes to look into future research opportunities, including the development of AI and the potential impact it will have on current financial services. Monitoring this progression will allow AAIG to improve its own capabilities and resources available.

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