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Calling all dog lovers: Your help is needed

Calling all dog lovers: Your help is needed
Calling all dog lovers: Your help is needed

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Would you like to occasionally care for another family's dog in your home while they are on holidays? Join a professional service that has been operating for 30 years and you'll receive the unconditional love of your furry house guest plus a daily allowance.

You say what breeds and sizes of dogs you would like to mind and are only contacted about dogs that would suit you. The dog will bring his or her own food, bedding, bowls, and everything else they will need while they are with you.

"Don't Fret Pet!" provides you with 24/7 support and they take care of the paperwork and insurance for you.

The dog's owner brings their dog to your home so that you can meet their dog in advance. That way you can be sure he or she is suitable for your home and your lifestyle. Also, you can mind as often or as little as you like - it's up to you.

Founding director, Jenny Brearley, says "Providing a caring home for dogs when their owners are away brings a lot of pleasure to our dog minders. Some of our minders have minded the same dog many times. Their home has become like a second home for that dog."

Here is what some minders have said about minding dogs for "Don't Fret Pet!"

  • "Thank you, you have made our whole caring experience so relaxed and you have supported us throughout every step and decision we have made. I can truly say it has been a great experience. I hope we can continue it together in the future."
  • "I just want to thank "Don't Fret Pet!" for this amazing opportunity in looking after the wonderful pets. I recently had a family member pass away and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect moment to keep myself positive and comforted. Animals are a true blessing to peoples' hearts."
  • "Minding dogs for "Don't Fret Pet!" is fabulous. Brent sends me exactly the types of dogs I want to mind, keeps me in the loop with each booking and was there when I needed her when I once had a problem."
  • "I used to mind dogs for friends of friends which was great until one of them got "difficult". I now only mind for "Don't Fret Pet!" so that I can enjoy the dog minding without the hassles."

Many dog owners hate sending their best friend to stay in a cage or leaving them at home alone when they're away. They're always so happy when they find out that their dog can go and stay in the home of a wonderful "Don't Fret Pet!" dog minder. If you could welcome a dog into your home from time to time you'd be helping both the dog and their owner to have a happy holiday.

If you would prefer to speak with someone first call "Don't Fret Pet!" on 1300-307-021.

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