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Summertime and the retirement living is easy

A visit to a Retirement Village and Resort Expo near you might be all it takes to inspire your move to a new home. Picture from Shutterstock
A visit to a Retirement Village and Resort Expo near you might be all it takes to inspire your move to a new home. Picture from Shutterstock

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Sweltering through another summer, many of us dream of slipping into the cool waters of a backyard pool. Until we consider that the cost of installing and maintaining our own swimming pool makes that fantasy a distant reality.

For those who prefer to exercise in air-conditioned comfort, finding a gym where seniors feel truly welcome might also seem like an unrealisable dream.

Or maybe the balmy evening air has you hankering for an old-fashioned neighbourhood barbecue. The kind that's relaxed and casual and always a good time. Trouble is, no one seems to do those anymore.

If any of this sounds familiar, then it might be time to make a move - to a retirement community.

Retirement villages and resorts are designed to help you live your best life: one that's more active, more social, more carefree.

You can make summer great again, in a friendly community where you don't have to worry about home maintenance and someone else takes care of the pool. Even better, everyone in the gym is a senior - and proud of it!

Village life features a full calendar of activities that not only makes life more interesting but also helps new residents make friends quickly.

Summer barbecues and weekly happy hours are just the tip of the iceberg. Village residents enjoy a rich social life because there are so many opportunities to spend time together and everyone lives within walking distance. It's a lot like the old days, when neighbours all knew each other and get-togethers were spontaneous fun that didn't require new clothes and weeks of planning.

Village life has a special character that promotes deep bonds of friendship. Probably because the residents tend to have a lot in common. Their perspective on life is shaped by the same historical experiences and cultural memories. They get each other's jokes and can sing along to the same classic songs.

Perhaps most importantly, they support each other. Residents say that their communities offer a sense of belonging that's rarely found elsewhere. From impromptu cocktails to laughing while lifting at the gym, retirement living is about getting the most out of every day in the company of people who genuinely care about each other.

If you're eager to make your dream retirement lifestyle a reality, make sure to attend the next Retirement Village and Resort Expo in your area.

This free event is a great opportunity to discover all the benefits of retirement living in an informal atmosphere with no sales pressure. You can discuss your personal situation with representatives from Australia's most reputable operators to find the community best suited to your aspirations. Save hours of driving from one village to another and gather all the information you need, in one convenient location.

The Retirement Village and Resort Expo is held throughout the year in metropolitan and regional centres Australia wide. The next event is scheduled for Brisbane, February 19-20, at the Broncos Leagues Club in Red Hill, followed by an event at the Canberra Southern Cross Club in Woden, February 26-27.

For a full list of upcoming expos, visit to learn more about the next event near you. A single click could change your life!

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