Book review: Vintage Knits

New book has vintage knitting all stitched up

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If you love knitting on a cool autumn evening, this may be the perfect yarn for you!


People of the past knew the magic of a handmade garment- the uniqueness, the custom fit, the time and care taken by the knitter.

In today's world of mass-production, we crave the individuality and satisfaction that comes with creating a piece of clothing from scratch.

A new book released by the National Library of Australia features 25 women's, men's and children's vintage knitting patterns and explores the social and cultural history of the craft.

Vintage Knits (NLA Publishing, $39.99, May 1) presents a curated selection of 25 vintage patterns taken from Australian books, newspapers and magazines of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, tested and updated to make them practical for today's knitter.

It features vintage material from these original publications with contemporary full-colour photographs of the garments as they have been recreated today.

Interwoven throughout the book are also sections reflecting on the social and cultural history of knitting in Australia, taking the reader from wartime knitting and sheep breeds to yarn bombing and knitting guilds.

An introduction to vintage patterns and a handy guide to the basics of knitting are also included.

With a vibrant, fresh design and full-colour illustrations, Vintage Knits is filled with projects to bring style and joy to history buffs and modern knitters alike.

It taps into the trend for vintage and resurgence of knitting and includes patterns for women, men and children.

The book explores the significance of knitting in Australia's history.

Tapping into the trend for everything vintage, as well as the handmade revolution and resurgence of knitting, this book will bring style and joy to any modern knitter.

NLA Publishing creates books that tell stories by and about Australians, exploring the Library's extensive collections to share Australia's culture and history.