How much hair can you bear-d?

Add a beard to the mo and help beat bowel cancer

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Grow a beard in Decembeard and raise much-needed funds in the fight against bowel cancer.


IF you're still basking in the glow of your new "mo" grown for Movember, how about giving in to even more facial hair for Decembeard?

The annual Bowel Cancer Australia fundraiser encourages blokes to grow a beard to raise awareness and much-needed funds to beat bowel cancer.

Whether your fancy is a goatee, chin strip or Van Dyke, or perhaps a Balbo, Chevron or anchor, put the razor away and join the hirsute pursuit of beard-growing.

If you already have a beard, you can take a Decembeard challenge and dye, decorate or ditch your beard for a great cause.

The fairer sex and children aren't left out, either. They can take part by making or faking a beard or hosting a Decembeard themed fundraiser.

For more great ideas and to sign up, click HERE

Bowel cancer facts:

ONE in 11 Aussie men will develop bowel cancer.

MORE than 8500 men are diagnosed each year.

ABOUT 697 (8 per cent) of men diagnosed are aged under 50.

BOWEL cancer kills more than 2900 men each year and is the third deadliest cancer in men.

IT affects men of all ages.

Tips to reduce your risk:

PARTICIPATE in bowel screening appropriate to individual level of risk.

AVOID processed meats and limit red meat consumption.

BE physically active as part of everyday life.

QUIT smoking.

IF you drink alcohol, limit the amount.

AVOID weight gain and increases in waist circumference.

EAT wholegrains and naturally high-fibre foods.

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