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Dementia app MemBo Noticeboard "changed our lives"

Dementia app MemBo Noticeboard "changed our lives"
Dementia app MemBo Noticeboard "changed our lives"

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We were getting tens of phone calls every day from mum to confirm arrangements - she was stressed not knowing what was going on, distressed at not remembering, and it was getting worse.

At the end of 2017, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia.

My husband and I were feeling overwhelmed, and worried about managing what was clearly a growing problem for mum, and responsibility for us.

We really needed something to help her "keep her ducks lined up" - so with my husband's background in medical software development, we started work on MemBo Noticeboard.

In a nutshell, the app enables the immediate update of appointments, notes and images on a tablet or mobile phone, and the online Hub provides a place where we can store documents and notes that don't appear on the Noticeboard.

For someone needing help, it enables the display of important daily information, and allows others to update the information from anywhere - so for families living all over the place, even overseas, it doesn't matter, they can all still be involved and informed.

The results?

Within days of using the Noticeboard, the phone calls all but disappeared, and mum's panic and distress were immediately, significantly reduced - and we've had that feedback from our Members, the relief of knowing what's going on happens pretty much immediately.

My mother can't manage technology, so she doesn't touch the tablet, but because it can be alive 24/7, she can view it anytime and as often as she needs to.

For us, the Noticeboard has saved us time and angst, and it gives us real peace of mind knowing that she's less panicky and stressed.

Instead of expecting her to update her calendar or whiteboard - or having to go over to her home to do that - we just update whatever we need to from a mobile, tablet or computer.

And doing things on the run is easy too - when I take mum to the doctor, now I just go to her Noticeboard on my phone then and there, and put the next appointment in.

Recurring Appointments like weekly nurse visits or dinner dates are created just once and they pop up automatically. And the other huge benefit is putting up a Note about something she's worried about - like the phone or electricity being paid.

Now the answer to that is on the Noticeboard where she can see it anytime.

MemBo Noticeboard has changed our lives. Without a doubt, it has been the key player in us helping mum to continue to live independently - without it, I don't think she, or we, could have managed.

If you need help, or know someone that does, please email me or call me on 0400 644 684, and you can visit our website for more information

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