How do you eat your cereal?

Kellogg's searches for new advertising campaign star

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Kellogg's is looking for an ambassador.

Kellogg's is looking for an ambassador.


Topped with sliced fruit, dolloped with Vegemite or mixed with chicken soup?


TOPPED with sliced fruit, drizzled with honey, dolloped with peanut butter - how do you eat your cereal?

New research from Kellogg's shows we're an adventurous bunch, with a number of people adding savory ingredients to their breakfast to create the perfect bowl. Some of the more surprising add-ins include a dash of olive oil, a spoonful of Vegemite and a sprinkling of sauteed vegetables!

We're also not just using milk - more than half of us (58 per cent) are using fruit juice in our cereal, while others prefer kombucha or probiotic drinks, coconut water and even chicken soup.

And if those combinations sound a little tame - Kellogg's wants to hear from you!

The company is looking for extraordinary cereal creators to star in a new advertising campaign.

From surfers to nurses, uni students to senior citizens and everyone in between, Kellogg's is encouraging all Australians to apply for the opportunity to feature in the next campaign which will air in January 2020.

"I've spent over a decade finding the most extraordinary ordinary people for Australian screens and if this research is anything to go by, I'm excited to meet the kinds of people behind these creative choices," said the campaign's casting director Lucky Price.

"Be it hazelnuts, honey or hot sauce, I want to hear from you!"

To enter,  submit a photo or video of yourself with your perfect bowl and describe how you eat your Corn Flakes, Rice Bubbles or Just Right.

Apply before April 21 at