It’s Friday and that truck had beer onboard

Truck, with beer onboard, destroyed in rest area blaze at Yass

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And in good news: no one was injured

The beer truck, with the destroyed trailer. Image supplied from the RFS.

The beer truck, with the destroyed trailer. Image supplied from the RFS.

Cargo is always precious. But on Friday after a long week, a truck with beer on board – well, … it needs to get to its destination.

Sadly that didn’t happen in this case. The only good news was that the driver was unharmed.

The truck, believed to be a B-double carrying beer and foodstuffs, was a rest area near Yass, NSW, when the trailer caught alight about 5.30am.

"A number of brigades attended – from Oolong, Manton, the Yass Support Brigade and Jerrara,” RFS Zone Commander Peter Alley said.

“We needed a lot of water to extinguish it – which is why we called those other brigades in.”

The cause of the fire is still being investigated but there were no suspicious circumstances, Police Inspector Alison Brennan said.

“It was carrying mixed goods including beer, paint and food and trailer was completely destroyed,” she said.

The beer was believed was to be the craft beer Philter.

The RFS was called out to soak up the spill of beer and diesel.

Fire Rescue Captain Scott Lang said the prime mover and the A-trailer of the truck were completely destroyed in the blaze.

Watch as firefighters attend the B-double truck carrying Philter beer that was on fire this morning. Thanks for the video Fire and Rescue NSW Station 511 Yass

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