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Successful senior interns learn travel biz from ground up

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LEARNING NEW TRICKS: Tony Cosgrove delivers his pitch for an internship.

LEARNING NEW TRICKS: Tony Cosgrove delivers his pitch for an internship.


Luxury Escapes competition equips older Australians to thrive in a changing workplace.


TEN seniors from around the country have been interning at Luxury Escapes’ Melbourne office for the past week.

The 2018 Senior Intern Competition saw more than 900 applicants from around the country compete for the opportunity to learn about the travel business from the ground up.

At the end of the week, a winner will be chosen by a panel of travel experts and flown to California and Cabo, Mexico, for a luxury holiday “assignment”. They will also be given a wardrobe to equip them for their week and will be dressed by Australian brands such as Akubra, Sportscraft and STM Bags.

They are: Julie Carlton, 63, from Perth; Tony Cosgrove, 64, from Coolangatta; Graeme Hunt, 74: Jenny Winward, 70, from Melbourne; Susie Waite, 62, from Melbourne; Richard Cantor, 69, from Sydney; Keri Jones, 69, from Melbourne; Sandra Crestani, 61; Ed Davis, 74; and Marie Scodella, 63.

Find out about them and see the video of their successful pitches here.

The aim of the program is to equip older Australians with the skills they need to thrive in a modern workplace,which is vitally important given the ageing of the workforce, people retiring later and technology not only transforming how we work but where we work.

The team were mentored by a team of travel experts and participated in activities such as social media and marketing master classes and content writing workshops. But there was also time for meditation sessions and a ping pong championship.

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