Sex study seeking seniors

Swinburne University of Technology seeks seniors for OASIS sex study

LET'S TALK ABOUT IT: Do baby boomers have more fun? This study wants to find out.

LET'S TALK ABOUT IT: Do baby boomers have more fun? This study wants to find out.


Let's talk about sex and ageing.


ARE the baby boomers having a second sexual revolution?

The generation known for bucking the norms and paving their own way are continuing to do so as they age.

And researchers are now investigating boomer’s sexuality as they get older.

Swinburne University of Technology is surveying heterosexuals aged 45 and over to better understand how this age group perceives their own sexuality.

PhD candidate Ashley Macleod said so far, the Over 45s Adult Sexuality and Intimacy Study (OASIS) has revealed that mid- and later-life Australian heterosexual couples are more interested in quality connections and intimacy with their partners, than more frequent sexual experiences.

“Not having a good relationship with your partner is much more likely to interfere with someone’s sexuality and sexual expression than other barriers, such as sexual dysfunction,” she said.

Ms Macleod said thanks to the baby boomer generation, the idea of the “asexual older person” is disappearing, but the way sexuality is currently understood doesn’t align with what this group says is important to them.

“To understand how sexuality fits in to the ageing lifestyle, it’s important to be able to accurately define what sexuality means to people in and after mid-life in the real world.”

The research also found that as men and women age, their views on sexuality become more closely aligned, as did the views of those in mid and later-life age groups.

Have your say

Researchers are looking for more people over 45 to share their thoughts on sexuality and intimacy. 

The study is anonymous and does not ask you to divulge any personal information about your own sexual experiences, but does ask you to respond based on your personal thoughts and attitudes.

To participate, go to: