Hey, fellas, high five!

High Five to the Boys

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Some of Australia's top blokes are given the nod in a new book that is helping to raise fund for The Smith Family


A NEW book pays tribute to some of the men, past and present, who have taken Australia – and the world – towards a better future.

High Five to the Boys – a Celebration of Ace Australian Men basically “high-fives” 52 top blokes… from AFL player and charity founder Adam Goodes and actor Hugh Jackman to Paralympian Kurt Fearnley, union leader Jack Mundey and World War II army surgeon Weary Dunlop.

Each one-page tribute is accompanied by colourful, eye-catching illustrations by male artists.

Astronaut Andy Thomas gets a high-five for flying high and showing everyone “that studying hard and working harder can help us achieve things that might seem far beyond our reach – no matter where we start”.

Scientist and conservationist Tim Flannery, the 2007 Australian of the Year, gets a high-five for being an explorer extraordinaire – “proof that if we’re curious, adventurous and passionate, we can be anything we want to be”.

This lovely book is much more than a rousing cheer for men who have done amazing things – it is also a fundraiser for The Smith Family, which will receive all royalties from book sales.

It’s an uplifting, and easy, read for all ages.

High Five to the Boys (various) published by Random House, RRP $29.99.