Rainbow seniors wanted for survey

Monday, 11th September, 2017

Researchers are investigating what it's like to be over 60 and LGBTI.

WHAT is it like to be over 60 and identify as LGBTI?

That's what researchers are hoping to understand as part of a new study.

The Rainbow Ageing national survey focuses on the health and wellbeing needs of LGBTI seniors.

"It was born out of a lack of research in this area and the needs of this population," said project leader Anthony Lyons from La Trobe University.

"It will help build a picture to get an understanding of the life of the group."

The "very explorative" survey will cover a range of aspects including health, exercise and wellbeing, relationships and friendships, and living an arrangement including support systems and if someone is a carer or in need of a carer.

Since it was launched in August, the survey has already attracted a lot of interest.

Associate Professor Lyons said the research was important because of the differences between LGBTI seniors and their heteronormative counterparts.

"For example, some might not have children to support them in their older age."

He said stigma was another barrier to accessing services.

"There can be a fear around accessing services and how they will be treated."

The survey results will be used to help guide policy as well as health and aged care services for older LGBTI people.

Australians who are over 60 and are gay, lesbian, bisexual or another related identity are invited to complete the survey, as are transgender, intersex or gender diverse seniors.

Complete the survey -

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