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Perth - Seven arrested in alleged roof repair scam

Police have arrested seven men over an alleged renovation scam in which Perth seniors were targeted for unnecessary roof repairs.

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Simply splendid Croatia holiday hot spot

MAUREEN EDWARDS explores a stunning, sparkling coastline, brimming with history and architecture, forests and mountains, olive groves, vineyards, lavender fields, hidden coves and beaches.
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Sultan of smooth

Steve Clisby’s entire life has been about breaking down barriers – from growing up black in a largely segregated 1950s America, to holding onto his love of jazz and carving out a career in a world besotted with rock ‘n’ roll.

Sweet success as Shay shines

IF retired cane locomotives could talk, the Shay at Nambour Museum would say, “Don’t I look grand!”. 

Hopes high for chemo replacement

A FUTURISTIC treatment that sounds like something out of Star Wars is being trialled for lung cancer patients. SABR – Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy – is being tested in place of chemotherapy.

Fun and games put spring in step

Having the time of your life and making the most of every day – it’s a community engagement strategy that rapidly became so successful for aged care provider OneCare that the philosophy is now a central pillar in everything it does.

Pool register: Sale and lease ban on units with pools if safety standards not met

Owners of apartments in blocks with swimming pools and spas could be barred from selling or letting their properties if these pools do not meet safety standards, under new regulations due to come in this autumn.