The Senior News

Irish Anzacs online database

IRISH-born soldiers who fought in the Australian Imperial Force during WWI will be remembered in an online database developed at UNSW.

The Senior Traveller

Grandparents joining in family holidays

MULTI-GENERATIONAL travel is poised for rapid and sustained growth fuelled by grandparents' wallets and grandchildren's sense of wanderlust.
Our Times

Steaming right along

IT WILL be a busy Christmas-New Year period for Tasmania's Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society.

Foods we'll be eating in 2015

Each and every year there are a couple of new foods that become part of our diet repertoire – a few years back it was chia, more recently kale and here a few that you may see a lot more of in 2015.

Australia failing the smoke alarm test

RESEARCH by Smoke Alarms Australia reveals that smoke alarms in nearly two in three Australian homes do not work, and nearly one in two households have no working smoke alarm at all.

How to keep your energy bills low

In the not-too distant past the cost of electricity and gas barely rated a mention. Compared with expenses such as car insurance and mortgage payments, energy bills were chickenfeed. But today the rising cost of energy makes front page news.

One man, four parts - brilliant!

"BELIEVE me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."