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High gap specialists should be named

SPECIALISTS who charge exorbitant gap fees should be named on a list published quarterly, and private hospitals should refuse to work with experts charging excessive fees, a leading policy expert has told an Australian private hospitals conference.

The Senior Traveller

Rebuilt city literally oozes history

THE buildings in the beautiful Baroque German city of Dresden provide a striking silhouette against the pink sky. In the evening light, people slowly stroll along the high promenade overlooking the River Elbe.
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Ikea kidnapping brings laughs at Scandinavian Film Festival

AN uproarious Norwegian film about an older man who sets out to kidnap the founder of Ikea will open the 2015 Scandinavian Film Festival playing in in July.

Priscilla comes of age

THE movie, Priscilla Queen of The Desert, is turning 21 and to mark the occasion a festival has been organised by the Palace Hotel, in Priscilla’s spiritual home of Broken Hill. 

Researchers in hospital superbug breakthrough

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have developed a cutting-edge new medical therapy that could protect UK hospital patients against a lethal superbug.

Kitchen misters

IF you’re a man with a secret desire to get among the pots and pans in the kitchen, or you simply want to learn how to cook more tasty meals for yourself, head to Ashburton Community Centre in Victoria for the Men Making Meals classes.

Life insurance commissions fall but still concerns

UPFRONT life insurance commissions will fall by more than half the current maximum over the next three years under reforms agreed by the life insurance industry.