Stopping so-called orphanage tourism

Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

There is growing concern over the exploitation of children in developing countries.

WORLD Expeditions has welcomed the federal government's plans to divert well-meaning Australian volunteers from foreign orphanages that exploit fake orphans for profit.

The government has launched a campaign involving states, territories, schools and universities to curb Australian involvement in so-called orphanage tourism in developing nations.

World Expeditions responsible travel manager Donna Lawrence said she is heartened to see the government take this human rights issue seriously.

World Expeditions and its school and youth brand, World Youth Adventures, are members of the ReThink Orphanages Network, an organisation working to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children in developing countries.

"There is compelling evidence that orphanage tourism - the practice of well-meaning travellers visiting and volunteering in orphanages - is open to abuse from corrupt organisations operating under the guise of an orphanage and praying on well-meaning but uninformed travellers," Ms Lawrence said.

World Expeditions has removed all orphanage visits and volunteering from its tours.

Orphanage tourism is one of the topics being discussed at World Expeditions' Thoughtful Traveller Q&A at the company's Sydney headquarters tomorrow night (March 14).

If you can't make it you can still tune in and watch it live on or

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