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Urox® is the only scientifically proven, effective herbal bladder control product

Don't let bladder incontinence get in the way of your lifestyle. Picture supplied
Don't let bladder incontinence get in the way of your lifestyle. Picture supplied

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Bladder incontinence is still a taboo subject and it shouldn't be. Many conditions once considered too embarrassing to mention are now openly discussed, but bladder leakage stays hidden even as it affects 5 million Australians, of all ages.

Sufferers feel so ashamed of this common condition they often don't talk to their health care professionals about it, avoid doctor visits entirely, or hope it will just go away on its own. Some women wait 20 years before seeking help, and many people end up self-managing.

This means skipping social events, giving up exercise, avoiding long travel, or not going to places where toilet facilities are uncertain. They may also choose tables in restaurants to be near the toilets, aisle seats in cinemas, and wear black clothes to better hide leaks.

This is not quality of life and it can lead to isolation, loneliness and a decline in wellbeing. Half of people affected don't even tell their partner, which doesn't make for happy relationships either. Lifestyle modification is not a sustainable solution. Relying on incontinence pads and padded underwear are what Tracey Seipel, CEO Seipel Group and bladder health expert, considers a "band-aid solution".

But it's not just older women experiencing bladder leakage, that's a myth. Tracey came up against this when initially pitching a bladder control product to supplement companies who said they were 'uninterested in investing in a problem of elderly women'.

So she did it herself, investing in 20 years of research and development, including 14 clinical trials. Seipel Group is now the only company to have a scientifically proven, effective herbal bladder control product: Urox®.

Bladder issues do occur more often and earlier in women than men, due to the anatomy of the female urinary system and weakening of the pelvic floor and bladder during pregnancy, childbirth and post-menopause. Bladder problems increase with age impacting 75 per cent of senior women and is the third major reason women enter nursing homes.

For men, bladder control is a mid-life issue. In fact half of men over the age of fifty have lower urinary tract symptoms including frequency during the day and getting up too many times during the night to go to the toilet. And how many times is too many? Urinating around 8 times in a 24 hour period is considered normal for everyone, including once during the night.

If you'd like to regain normal frequency, stop rushing for the toilet, and reduce leakage and accidents, plus reduce your pad usage to one or less than one per day, read on!

The research proves in eight weeks of taking Urox®, three quarters of people reduced their pad usage, and almost 25 per cent were fully continent. Trial results also included measurable improvements in quality of life with better coping, less worry, better sleep and improved social interactions.

Don't sacrifice your lifestyle, try Urox®, the simple solution. To help you along is this special offer for readers of The Senior, a 20 per cent discount online. Just enter code SEN20 at the checkout.

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