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Cash For Your Backyard offers cash for seniors

Cash For Your Backyard offers cash for seniors

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Do you need money to fund your retirement? Do you worry about managing an existing mortgage with rising interest rates while you're on a fixed pension or income? Want to live a little but find yourself still pinching pennies? Do you want to stay in your home and be near friends and family, but want to downsize to a more manageable property?

Operating since the mid-1990s, Cash For Your Backyard is an Australian-owned company that specialises in helping property owners achieve their financial and downsizing goals while retaining full ownership of their home title - and without the burden of loans or interest to pay. As recently advertised on radio 3AW, Cash For Your Backyard takes great pride in our client-driven approach. We tailor solutions for each individual's unique circumstances with our vast industry knowledge, adaptability and attention to detail.

Cash For Your Backyard helps property owners unlock the wealth in their home, without the major upheaval of leaving their community and network of friends.

As our name suggests, we buy part of your backyard to build a new home on it. Then we will build - at our expense - any driveways, car accommodation, new fencing and landscaping to your existing property as needed according to sit requirements. Cash For Your Backyard will take care of all costs associated (excluding your own legal representation) to obtain council approval and title subdivision.

On approval, Cash For Your Backyard will hand over the agreed cash settlement to you with. In essence, you downsize and retain the pleasure of living in your existing home. Better yet, you will have the cash you need to fund your retirement and have 100% title ownership of your home on a smaller parcel of land.

Beware of the reverse mortgage/equity trap

Reverse mortgages and equity release loans can be a very costly way to fund your retirement.

Let's assume you have a $150,000 loan with a fixed compound interest of 7% and have made no payments over 10 years. That loan may cost you $450,000 to repay.

Cash For Your Backyard offers you the dream retirement without the burden of the loan, we simply pay you cash for that big backyard you're not using.

Three easy steps

Step 1

Contact us for a no-obligation free consultation and site assessment. We evaluate your property, including council requirements, to determine if it's suitable.

Step 2

Together we negotiate a fair cash offer and enter into an agreement to purchase your backyard, in consultation with your legal representative.

Step 3

At no cost to you, Cash For Your Backyard applies for town planning permits, arrange for title and subdivision. We pay you the cash for your backyard.

For your free site assessment, call Mary today on 1300-812-008.

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