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Six signs that you're ready to downsize

IT'S TIME: There are a few tell-tale signs that show it's time to start downsizing your home. Photo: Lifestyle Communities.

Ready, set, downsize!

The 'right' time to downsize looks different for everyone. If you're considering downsizing before or during retirement, but are questioning your readiness or wondering if there's a 'perfect' time, here are some tell-tale signs that it's time to start your downsizing journey:

  1. You want financial freedom

Larger, older homes generally come with bigger bills because they require more energy to heat and cool. Plus, if you're home's appliances are old or outdated, it's likely they're not very energy efficient and are potentially costing you more.

Living in a smaller, newer and more efficient home comes with a huge range of financial benefits, including lower utilities and maintenance bills. As we like to say, lower bills, bigger thrills!

  1. You can't keep up with your home and garden maintenance

The harsh reality of ageing is that you're not as nimble and agile as you used to be. As a result, mowing the lawns, fixing or replacing broken appliances and patching up signs of your home's age all become increasingly difficult tasks - and they often cost money, too!

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the amount of maintenance or repair your home requires, this could be a good indicator that it's time to downsize to a smaller, low-maintenance home. Doing so could help you save time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

And downsizing doesn't mean you have to give up on your love of gardening; it just provides an opportunity for you to live in a more manageable and lower-maintenance home.

  1. You want to travel more

Ready to start ticking things off the bucket list, but don't have the money to do it? Or perhaps the idea of returning from a holiday, only to spend hours taming your garden, makes a holiday seem less enjoyable? Or maybe you're worried about the safety of your home while you're away?

If you've got the travel itch but simply can't scratch it, it might be time to consider downsizing. Here's why:

  • You'll free up money from your existing home and reduce your living costs, which can help to fund new adventures
  • If you choose to downsize to a land lease community, you'll enjoy increased home safety and security, so you'll have peace of mind while you're away
  • If you choose to downsize to a land lease community, you won't have to tame your unruly garden upon your return home, as many communities take care of your front garden for you.

If you travel often, you may be experiencing more burdens than benefits from living in your current home. Not only do you have council rates, utility bills, upkeep and the ongoing costs for maintaining your garden and home, you may also worry about the security of your home while away. Downsizing provides an opportunity to consider purpose-built, low maintenance and lock-and-leave approaches to your home, so you have peace of mind while off exploring the world.

  1. Your home feels too big for your needs

When the kids were living at home, there may have been a time when your house didn't feel big enough. But now that they've all left the nest, it's likely that you're only using a handful of rooms, and there's a lot of space going to waste. If you're feeling like your current home is too big (and costly) for your needs, it could be time to start looking at some smaller, newer and low-maintenance homes.

  1. You don't want to wait until it's too late - you want to move in while it's still your choice

It's not uncommon for recent downsizers to wish that they had made the move sooner. Realising the emotional, physical, and financial benefits of downsizing, they're also aware that they're still young enough to enjoy life and afford all the new freedoms and opportunities downsizing has to offer.

  1. You want to maintain your independence and age in place

While your home may have been suitable until now, how appropriate is your residence for your long-term future? With stairs to climb or bathroom fixtures and fittings not suited to your future physical needs, it's natural to have concerns about the reality of ageing in your current home. Homes for downsizers are often more accessible, feature automation, are designed with your future needs in mind and will ease your fears that you can't age in your home. Some things (and some people!) never get old...but our bodies certainly get a little less agile. Something that certainly never gets old is living in a home that's designed for your needs and your lifestyle.

Offering a new model of independent living, Lifestyle Communities gives people the chance to downsize to a modern, low-maintenance home that suits their needs, with opulent facilities they can enjoy every day. And there's something for everyone at Lifestyle Communities.

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