Muso's heartfelt Ukraine tribute

Melbourne musical duo release song in support of Ukraine

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HEART STRINGS: Peter Levy has written a song to express solidarity with Ukraine.

HEART STRINGS: Peter Levy has written a song to express solidarity with Ukraine.


Peter Levy couldn't stop thinking about Ukraine - he wrote this song to show support.


Deeply affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Melbourne's Peter Levy and Dennis Mills decided to show support through the art of music.

73-year old Brighton East resident Peter - who performs under the stage name Eugene, said he felt it was important to do what he could to show solidarity with the beleaguered country and its citizens.

He penned the song Ukraine, enlisting Dennis - who is the cousin of his wife, to play lead guitar on the track and help him record it.

"It's just a horrible thing that's happening in the world and it's happening on our watch," he said.

"Ukraine is suffering from a lack of food at the moment, when they used to supply so much food (to the world).

"Their wheat crop was destroyed, they can't get to it because there are bomb craters all over the place.

"I come from country music background. The song is talking about a guy who lives in the country and he cant get to his crops anymore and just what a travesty of justice that is."

He said he wrote the song in an attempt to fuel people's social conscience.

"It was to raise awareness more than anything else. I think that the more people who actually talk about this situation, the better."

"When I write a song, it's like a diary. I look at it years later and think 'oh yes, I remember why I wrote that'."

Peter and Dennis have released Ukraine along with State of Mind - another song they collaborated on, as part of a two part single. To listen click here.