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WA seniors strategy consultation starts

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Public consultation to shape a Seniors Strategy for Western Australia has started.


Public consultation to shape a Seniors Strategy for Western Australia has started with forums scheduled at locations across the state.

The WA Seniors Strategy 2022-2032 will set out the State Government's 10-year plan to support older people and harness the opportunities and address the challenges of the state's ageing population.

The strategy will be supported by two-year action plans that connect and coordinate activity across WA agencies, focused on ensuring systems and services are responsive to older peoples' needs and maximising the benefits provided to seniors.

It will guide whole of community action in making WA a place where older people can age actively, healthily and in the way of their choosing.

Seniors and Ageing Minister Don Punch said research suggests that by 2060-61, 23 per cent of the population will be aged over 65 - a rise of around 7 per cent from 2020-21.

"This ageing population in WA offers many benefits, with older people making a significant contribution to our society and to our economy, as volunteers, paid workers, students, family members, carers and consumers," he said.

"The strategy will look at supporting seniors to live the best life of their choosing, including through ageing with choice and living independently if they wish.

"All Western Australian seniors are strongly encouraged to get involved in the strategy's development, and we want to hear from as many people as possible - so please register now to attend a local consultation forum, complete a survey or request a one-on-one phone interview."

The strategy will encompass a number of topics, including inclusion and respect, participation and employment, accessible information and services, rights and advocacy, financial and housing security, communication and digital literacy and healthy and safe living.

As part of the development of the strategy, the Department of Communities is keen to hear the thoughts and opinions of older Western Australians to help identify emerging themes and issues.

The Department of Communities will conduct a number of State-wide consultations throughout June to inform the strategy.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 55 years and over, or non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 65 years and over and pre-seniors are being encouraged to participate.

Consultation will be done through hybrid focus groups which will be available for both in-person and online participation, short online surveys, hard copy surveys and phone interviews.

Further information on opportunities to be involved in the consultation process, including how to register for one of the consultation sessions being held across WA, is available here.