Why senior jobseekers should keep the faith

VERTO chief Alyssa Bennett's tips for unemployed seniors

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SILVER LINING: Alyssa Bennett says seniors have plenty to offer the job market.

SILVER LINING: Alyssa Bennett says seniors have plenty to offer the job market.


An employment expert has a simple message for senior jobseekers - don't lose hope.


Looking for work can be extremely daunting for mature-aged job seekers, especially those who have spent time away from the workforce or been made redundant.

But non-profit employment agency VERTO's chief operating officer Alyssa Bennett has a simple message for unemployed seniors - don't lose hope.

Alyssa said programs and services were available which could help set people up for success.

She said many mature aged job seekers lacked confidence and felt daunted by the prospect of competing with younger candidates.

"It's important to remember that you have something employers want and younger candidates don't have - extensive life and work experience," she said.

"Whether it's the technical skills you've built over many years, experience dealing with different personalities or your emotional intelligence, you have much to offer potential employers."

Alyssa said it was also important for those faced with the prospect of a change of profession to identify transferrable skillsets.

"These are skills you can take to a new industry or role. They may be technical or people skills or both, and they will have value for your next employer."

Alyssa said working with a consultant at an employment services provider could be a great way of identifying these skills so they could be emphasised to potential employers.

She added there were numerous opportunities available for older workers to upskill or develop new skillsets.

"There are many government incentives available right now that provide financial assistance to get you upskilled or reskilled for your next role.

"Your local employment services provider can help you navigate your options and apply for any eligible incentives or assistance."

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