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Better for life in Country SA helps online senior citizens keep fit

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A personalised telehealth program will help people living in country South Australia keep fit.


Allied health services are more accessible for people living in country South Australia thanks to a new low-cost online exercise program designed to improve the health and fitness of older adults.

Better for life in Country SA is a 12-week personalised telehealth program that will include one-on-one and small group sessions run by a qualified exercise physiologist.

Southern Cross Care (South Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria), one of the country's leading health and wellbeing providers for older people, is running the program, which has been designed for people aged over 65.

Group manager - Health and Wellness, Dr Tim Henwood, said the organisation was actively searching for ways to create better health outcomes for all South Australians, no matter where they live.

"Participants will take part in twice-weekly online sessions for 12 weeks," he said.

"They will also receive individualised support to continue with a home exercise program following the telehealth sessions or referrals to other exercise groups for continued activity."

The only cost is a $30 contribution towards the exercise equipment that will be sent to participants, including resistance bands, dumbbells and ankle weights.

"There is a well acknowledged shortage of allied health services in regional SA and the further away from Adelaide, the more acute this shortage is," Dr Henwood said.

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