Boot scootin' fun from the chair

Laura Rittenhouse teaches seated line-dancing classes for fitness

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STAY SEATED: Laura Rittenhouse demonstrates the toe point to her line dancing class.

STAY SEATED: Laura Rittenhouse demonstrates the toe point to her line dancing class.


Seated line dancing is helping seniors maintain strength and circulation.


Some people claim to have two left feet when it comes to line dancing but there are no excuses with the classes being offered by Laura Rittenhouse.

In May, the author and line dancer started the seated line dancing classes in Chigwell in the northern suburbs of Hobart primarily targeted at seniors and people with disabilities.

"A new way to keep moving and stay socially engaged is now being offered in Chigwell," she said.

"Boots and All Line Dancing and Bucaan Community House have kicked off a weekly Seated Line Dancing Class.

"The routines are an adapted form of line dancing where students can participate while sitting or standing.

"All the dances are choreographed for both arms and legs and students are encouraged to modify the 'steps' to suit their abilities.

Walkers and wheelchairs are welcome, and people of all abilities can join in. Everyone is encouraged to join in on what is sure to be good exercise, a great social atmosphere, a bit of brain training and a lot of fun."

Laura said classes are held every Wednesday at 1pm at The Chigwell Barn.

"I want to get as many people out of their homes and keeping healthy both mentally and physically as I can.

"Entry is by gold coin donation so I'm not doing this as a money-making exercise, it's to give those with fewer opportunities to keep active and socially engaged to get out and move."

For more information, contact Bucaan Community House on 03-6249-5363 or write an email.