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Packing a suitcase: Top tips

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WHERE TO START?: There never seems to be enough room in a suitcase.

WHERE TO START?: There never seems to be enough room in a suitcase.


Top tips for packing a suitcase for your holiday with everything you need.


WHOEVER thought packing up your troubles was a good idea has clearly never had to deal with luggage restrictions.

There's no doubt that a universal pet peeve of holiday preparation is the packing process, especially when it comes to flying.

With this in mind, Nick Drewe, trends expert at shopping site WeThrift, shares his top tips on how to best pack a suitcase for your upcoming holiday.

Be strategic in how you arrange your clothes using the layer method

When it comes to packing, the trick is to start first with your softer, smaller items (such as your socks and underwear) and place them at the bottom of your suitcase.

Next, pay attention to your longer clothes like your trousers and stack them on top, folding them in half.

The third layer should ideally be dedicated to your chunkier and main pieces of clothing, such as jumpers, shirts and dresses. With these be sure to fold any collars and ends over once before folding the arms in.

When it comes to your shoes and belts, see if you can place these around the perimeter of the bag to make sure they take up as little room as possible.

Use compartments to keep small items safe

If your suitcase has several compartments, use these as a clever way to organise your wardrobe essentials and save room.

For example, if there is a zip compartment at the bottom of your suitcase, you may want to dedicate this space to your smaller items. Or you could use a space like this for your electrics or toiletries.

Doing this will also give you a good idea of where everything is, so you can unpack without the fuss when you get to your destination.

Place clothes that you need at the top to make unpacking easier

Not only is this technique convenient but placing the clothes you will ideally need at the top will make you evaluate and reconsider the essentials you really need to take for your holiday.

For instance, you may want to pack a few jumpers as well as a few shirts at the top, but you may find not all of these are going to fit, especially considering everything else that's already in your bag. That said, you may decide to eliminate some jumpers to maximise room for the essentials you really need.

If you've planned what you are going to wear for each day, it would also be a good idea to stack your clothes based on the order you plan to wear them during your holiday.

Top tip: If you are dealing with jewellery, it would be a good idea to thread any necklaces you intend to take through a straw to prevent these pieces from getting tangled. To do this, thread one end of the chain through a straw before closing up the necklace. This technique will keep your beloved accessories in order.

Invest in mini luggage cubes for a more organised suitcase

If your suitcase doesn't have compartments, or you just want that extra bit of organisation, it would be handy to invest in mini luggage cubes. They fit into your suitcase neatly, meaning you can easily pick out what you need, without worrying about messing everything up.

You can have individual cubes for your toiletries, daywear, nightwear, beachwear etc. Packing away your items in these little bags will also make room for the bulkier items you want to take.

Roll AND fold clothing to protect your delicates

Last but not least, the roll-and-fold technique will help you maximise space in your suitcase.

When it comes to rolling, don't do this for all the clothes you own, as this will most likely lead to unwanted wrinkles.

With this in mind, be sure to only roll your softer garments, such as your underwear, T-shirts, cotton trousers and knitwear.

When dealing with "stiffer" fabrics' such as shirts, blazers, dresses and skirts, ensure these are carefully folded.