Ladies having 'the time of their lives' on canvas

Gallery M exhibition The Time of our Lives


Three fabulous 80-somethings love sharing their love of painting.


Three of Adelaide's women are sharing their love of painting by hosting The Time of our Lives, a joint exhibition at Marion.

Christine Ingleton, Judi Hayball and Jill Golden have hit 80 and are inspired by the medium.

Jill said a part of her wishes she had painted her whole life.

"But mostly, I'd say I found painting at the right time - at the time of my life when I can spend all the time I want to, doing what I absolutely want to do," she said.

"My time is my own. And I want to paint."

Christine was inspired by watching her brother, who had retired and was immersed in watercolours at a small table in the windowed corner of his living room.

Judi had some earlier experience with art, but her classes at Splashout had given her the courage to dispense with any doubts.

"Experimenting with different mediums and trying various ways to apply paint to my canvas to see what happens is all part of my journey with each painting. Sometimes the result, for me, just works," she said.

The exhibition will be at Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre, 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park, SA from June 10-July 3.

Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre.

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