Book reviews: Fun with cats or cattle

Purrfect pageturners to understand cats or cattle

Book Reviews

Cats or cattle? Two fun new books will have you mooing or meowing with delight.


Find big brown cow's eyes irresistible? Or want an insight into your feline friend's musings? There are books for that!

If you adore those huge eyes, long eyelashes and flicking ears and tails, Moo - A book of happiness for cow lovers will have you in bovine heaven.

To many they're merely common farm animals; but these (generally) gentle creatures are also inquisitive, affectionate and playful.

This book is a celebration of these endearing animals, with beautiful images of around 50 of the world's most popular cattle breeds paired with memorable quotes to touch the heart.

"Total contentment is only for cows", a quote from Bette Midler, is teamed with a photograph of a befringed Highland breed.

And my personal favourite from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "Cows sometimes wear an expression resembling wonderment arrested on its way to becoming a question".

The images are glorious; the words few. But if you love cows and you don't mind the odd quote or two, Moo will give you a smile on the darkest of days.

Moo: A Book of happiness for cow lovers (Exisle) RRP $29.99 HERE or wherever good books are sold.

And so to felines. Cats Work Like This is a humorous romp through the fundamentals of cat behaviour and motivation, offering an insight into how they get the most from their humans.

It's an insider's guide from a cat's eye point of view, based on the observations of the authors over two generations of watching their own cats work.

Above all, we're told, cats are individualists, following no rules or prescriptions.

There's a chapter on Habits, with an insight into how cats train you to have the right ones; and you'll find out what cats do while you sleep, what a cat's eyes can tell you and what there is to understand about political and "eco" cats.

So what do cats really think of their human companions?

"... despite being messy, uncouth and impolite and noisy, your cat loves you and overlooks your faults as all good and real friends do."

And the one thing cats really find annoying about humans? They simply won't leave them alone.

"The disturbed, slightly troubled look that cats give when they are discovered in their safe, sleepy hiding place is generally misinterpreted. The cats are saying, 'Oh please go away - I know you love and need me, but I have sleeping to do'. But we think they are saying 'Just look how cute I am. Pick me up now please'."

Cats Work Like This, by David St John Thomas and Gareth St John Thomas (Exisle) is a must-have, tongue-in-cheek guide to what makes our moggies tick. RRP $34.99 from book stores or HERE