Good nutrition post surgery

Good nutrition post surgery

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Gourmet Meals are a great way to eat healthy while ill, or recovering from surgery.


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Gourmet Meals owner Daniel Wuthrich says nutrition is vital for post-surgery or illness recovery.

"During most of our lives, we have been taught to eat well, yet this can be difficult when dealing with challenges such as ill-health or post surgery recovery, especially as we age.

"From personal experience, I can vouch for how quickly an elderly person loses muscle mass after surgery. This is because, being bed-bound, you don't move much, nor do you eat enough, often due to a lack of appetite."

As recommended by dieticians and nutritionists, people in this situation are often put on a high-protein diet to help counter muscle loss and given a gruelling exercise regime in order to rebuild muscle mass.

Quality nutrition deserves special attention as we age because it is essential for ongoing good health and well-being.

Having a balanced, wholesome diet can prevent malnutrition, support physical function, reduce the risk of chronic disease, support mental health, and help prevent disability.

This is particularly true of our seniors when they return home after time in hospital.

The good news is that eating well under this scenario isn't as difficult as you might think; grocery shopping, cooking meals and cleaning up can be a thing of the past.

Healthy, pre-made meals that just need to be heated up are a fantastic option for the elderly, the sick and ailing, or for those recovering from post-operative time in hospital.

Gourmet Meals provides all this, together with convenient delivery. So, if someone you love is finding the preparation of nutritious meals challenging due to illness or post-surgery recovery, take a look at our menu and help get them back on the path of eating healthy and feeling well again.

They will love the convenience of having the meals delivered to their doorstep without the hassle of having to do all the preparation.

Gourmet Meals are also a registered NDIS provider of home-delivered meals and are here to help making the lives of those living with a disability easier and supporting them in maintaining good health and independence.

In fact, many dieticians, nutritionists, social workers, hospital despatch workers, as well as occupational therapists and physio workers, recognise the nutritional value of the Gourmet Meals service and refer clients to us on a very regular basis.

Gourmet Meals cater to a variety of dietary requirements, providing meal options reduced in fat and salt, high in protein and fibre, gluten-free, plus we also offer dairy-free alternatives.

Find out more by contacting us on 1300-112-112 or visiting our website by clicking HERE

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