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Village of vitality: New study reveals best place for a healthier, happier retirement

Village of vitality: New study reveals best place for a healthier, happier retirement

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Have you heard of the village where retirees are happier and healthier than those who live elsewhere? The village where seniors are more active, more social and feel more secure than they did before they moved there?

Probably not. Because this village is not an idyllic seaside hamlet or a remote alpine retreat. It's thousands of villages of every kind and there is certainly one near you. Yes, we're talking about retirement villages and resorts.

In 2019, the biggest retirement living study ever conducted in the UK found that residents in retirement communities:

  • stay healthier for longer
  • are more active
  • are less lonely
  • have a greater sense of a safety net
  • feel more secure
  • enjoy life more
  • enjoy more privacy

Researchers from ProMatura and the Association of Retirement Community Operators interviewed residents in 81 villages as well as more than 1000 retirees in the general community. The report concluded that residents in retirement villages and resorts "feel more in control of their lives" and "by a huge margin" believe their lives are better since moving into a retirement community.

Australian research draws similar conclusions. Research conducted by consulting company Grant Thornton in 2014, shows that village residents visit their GP less often and spend fewer days in hospital than their peers in the general community. They also enter aged care five years later on average.

These positive outcomes are attributed to the strong social bonds found in retirement villages as well as the wide range of amenities that support an active, engaged lifestyle.

To find out more about the many benefits of village living, visit the Retirement Village and Resort Expo. This free event is held regularly throughout Australia and presents a unique opportunity to explore the many different retirement living options available to you.

Meet with Australia's most respected retirement living operators, representing communities of every type and price point, to find the perfect retirement village or resort for your lifestyle.

Most importantly, these are very relaxed events where visitors are encouraged to take their time and engage in depth with village staff members. This is your chance to discuss your personal situation in a no-pressure environment and discover what life in a retirement village or resort is really like.

The next Retirement Village and Resort Expo is The Northern Sydney & Central Coast Expo, and is being held at Hornsby RSL Club, Sunday, March 27 and Monday, March 28, from 10am to 3pm.

For those outside of NSW, visit to find an upcoming Expo in your area. This website is also a great place to start researching your retirement living options. is dedicated to helping seniors discover everything they need to know about retirement living from pricing and availability to regulations and government resources.

Have a look now to take the first step toward a healthier and happier retirement.

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