Eventful time in Queensland

Queensland's six month calendar of stacked events

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POP IN: Mary Poppins will never be forgotten in Maryborough

POP IN: Mary Poppins will never be forgotten in Maryborough


From the arts, to footy and outback adventures, Queensland has it all this year.


Are you craving a getaway in the Sunshine State? With a stacked calendar of events set for the first half of the year, there has never been a better time.

Here's a list of just some of the things you can see and do in Queensland over the coming months:

For Art's Sake

The Tenth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art - APT10, will offer visitors the chance to experience joy through art. The event will run until April 25 at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and will feature artworks from 150 individuals across 30 countries.

City of Science

Brisbane will host the World Science Festival from March 9-13) presenting five days of free and ticketed events. The festival would not be the same without Curiocity (March 9-10). Brisbane's future facing festival presents a myriad of temporary outdoor installations, some huge in size, and is bound to blow your mind.

Autumn outback adventures

Autumn signals the end of the heat and the start of the six-month winter odyssey. It's a time when a convoy of 'vanners head out to the Outback for nature, adventure and endless legends around wood fired pits. The Birdsville Races (April 10-11), the famous Julia Creek Dirt & Dust Festival (April) and Roma's Easter in the Country (April 14-18) are firing up to welcome west leaning revellers.

Footy Fever

If there's one sport Queenslanders are passionate about, it's rugby league. Every May, 16 teams from across the NRL descend on Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium, as the nation's mightiest players battle it out during NRL Magic Round (May 13 - 15).


Port Douglas Carnivale will take place from May 20-22. The only sports on show at this popular festival are long lunches, live music, monster kite displays and hot and steamy parties.

Arts of the agenda

Love a bit of pop culture? Cooly Rocks On (set to take place from June 8-12), brings polka-dot flounce and vintage vibes to the southern end of the Gold Coast. Further north, the North Australian Festival of Arts (NAFA) will present a month-long arts festival in Townsville from June 10- July 10. The program will feature punk, cabaret, comedy, dance, theatre and a range of other acts that are bound to bring the community together.

Poppin into History

Magic is bound to happen at the Mary Poppins Festival on July 3. Held in the glorious heritage streets of Maryborough, Disney aficionados can embrace their inner nanny and join in belly laughing events, including the great Nanny Challenge and the Chimney Sweep Dash. The event is part of Maryborough's celebration of PL Travers, the author who was inspired by her birth town to conjure up the world's most famous governess and the story of Mary Poppins.

More space in your calendar? Here's some other notable events:

Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Festival: February 25 - March 6.

Yarrabah Music and Cultural Festival,Tropical North Queensland - April 30

North Queensland Games, Townsville: April 29 - May 2.

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week/ Winter Harvest Festival: June 25 - July 3.

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