Family Preparedness Portfolio

Family Preparedness Portfolio

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Sponsored content My name is Trish Murrell and I live in Tocumwal NSW a small country town in the Southern Riverina. Life and personal information are requir...


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My name is Trish Murrell and I live in Tocumwal NSW a small country town in the Southern Riverina.

Life and personal information are required to help a family member when struck down by a sudden accident or life-threatening illness. Slow memory decline is also something that can happen to any of us, and passing away. Complete a FamBridge portfolio, it is the best way to have information at hand to continue the care of a loved one. Avoid issues where family cannot piece together your life's information and those accounts and passwords, direct debits, utilities and streaming log ins and so much more.

The FamBridge portfolio is customised with questions regarding life's personal management. Proudly Australian owned we have designed the book for everyday Australians to cover aspects of daily life. Document your details and account information, give family peace of mind. Your wishes and information are then in a step-by-step guide tailored by you for action by your Power of Attorney, Executor or Lawyer.

Having my own adult family made me realise how important it is to provide the information they would require if something untoward happened to me. Even though I have over 35 years of experience working in office administration predominately in accounting firms, losing loved ones opened my eyes to the complexity of life.

We might jot a few things down or tell our family bits n pieces, but life is complex and there is so much to cover.

A few of the sections within the book:

  • Personal information, utility suppliers and organisations.
  • Banking, Centrelink & pensions, DVA & overseas pensions, tax agent or accountant, lawyer, financial planner, superannuation, insurance company's etc.
  • You might have a portfolio of investments, holiday or rental properties, self-managed super fund, motor vehicles, caravan and so much more.
  • Accounts with direct debits.
  • Maybe you have a favourite song or flowers you would like for your funeral. A full section of questions you can answer at your leisure.
  • Give peace of mind the answered question provides contact details and therefore made easy for family to work with.

For a Seniors 15 per cent discount purchase online at using the Discount Code - SENIORS, click through to the cart and the discount will calculate at checkout. Normally $89.90 each - Seniors $76.42 each.

Please feel free to contact me on 0497-613-433 or for a confidential chat about how our portfolio can work for you and your family.

You can also subscribe to our next bi-monthly newsletter via our website, or by contacting me by email or phone.

A Will does not cover everyday living, the portfolio will assist your loved ones.

Our customers feel this is a great resource for themselves and their families. Financial planners, lawyers and accountants are recommending the FamBridge portfolio to their clients as they see the value of the information contained for the future.

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