FamBridge has produced the solution for you

FamBridge has produced the solution for you


Sponsored content A Family Preparedness Portfolio full of the vital questions for you to answer, it will give peace of mind to you and your loves ones. Receiv...


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A Family Preparedness Portfolio full of the vital questions for you to answer, it will give peace of mind to you and your loves ones. Receive a 15% discount at checkout by using the word SENIORS in the Discount Codeboxwww.fambridge.com.au. Normally $89.90 each - Seniors $76.42 each.

Let's think about the following:

What if: You were in a major accident, suffered a debilitating illness, lost capacity or passed away.

It is time to have those conversations we understand are so difficult, however be assured your family will be relieved to have you discuss with them some of your wishes and that you have documented information for them.

What would happen if you were no longer able to continue your own care or if you passed away especially suddenly leaving a gap not only in the lives of your beloved family but also in your personal administration.

Arising Issues: Would your family know where to start?

Without knowledge of where you might have all your accounts held where do family start?

Your everyday life's admin is not covered by your Will.

Where are all the direct debits, contact details for your providers, pay current accounts and close them.

Take a moment to think about your utilities, banks, investments, motor vehicles, caravans, investment properties, streaming accounts, phones and devices, military, you may own or be part of a business, buy now pay later accounts and so on.

The FamBridge® portfolio allows for your providers to be documented and then made straightforward to action.

Are there life/funeral insurances, superannuation and death benefits. Where are these held?

Location of original documentation and passwords?

Do you have a particular song or wishes for your funeral? Is your funeral already paid for?

Your medical and medication information. Doctor, Specialists, Optometrist contact details.

Who will care for your beloved pets?

Life has changed so much and at an overwhelming pace.

Solution: FamBridge ® Portfolio is the solution for you!

Our FamBridge portfolio contains the questions, you provide the answers view our flip book video on our website.

Your family will have the starting point when they do not have the strength to think about initial matters to be taken care of.

In their time of immense grief, family may struggle with the time it might take to sit down and go through papers in desk drawers or filing cabinets to find information.

Having the FamBridge portfolio at their side, Family Caregivers/ Executors and Powers of Attorney/Lawyers will have the ability to carry out their duties and your wishes with much more ease than having to spend days and weeks or sometimes months and years tracking down your information, sorting and closing accounts and direct debits. The portfolio is not a Will.

"Contact Trish on 0497 613 433 or info@fambridge.com.au to discuss the FamBridge portfolio and the exciting release of our ONLINE PDF VERSION coming in October 2021 visit our website for more information www.fambridge.com.au.

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