Starcrossed lovers torn apart by war

When the War was Here a tale of love, war and loyalty

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From the author of The Girl They Left Behind comes When the War was Here.


It has been described as a deeply moving story of star-crossed lovers during World War II in Hungary.

Roxanne Veletzos's new book, When the War was Here, is the story of lovers separated by class, circumstance and tragedy.

Longing for freedom from her domineering father, wilful young Eva counts the days to her coming wedding to a dedicated Red Cross doctor.

But her life changes when she meets Aleandro, a charming and passionate Romani artist. They fall deeply in love, only to be separated by a brutal act of hatred.

The pair are swept into the tides of war and try to forget what they once shared.

But as the years pass, the haunting memory of their love will reshape their destinies and drive them to decisions that will change their lives forever.

When the War was Here, by Roxanne Veletzos (Trade Paperback) RRP $32,99.

Veletzos is also author of The Girl They Left Behind.