How to find fabulous after 60

Lesley Thomas shares her journey from trauma and addiction to fabulous

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Finding Fabulous Over 60 is Lesley Thomas's inspirational story of transformation.


Lesley Thomas is living proof that you can overcome any obstacles life throws at you - and not only survive, but thrive.

Her new book, Finding Fabulous Over 60, is a heartfelt story of hope as she overcomes a struggle with addictions and weight issues, and detaches from a toxic relationship.

A series of events led her through some rock-bottom moments; she used them as a base to make major changes to her life.

For the past 25 years she has been on a challenging spiritual and personal development journey. At the age of 44 she determined to begin her "internal journey" with counsellors and psychologists, and she grabbed every self-help book she could lay her hands on.

She looked at her family life, her childhood, teenage years and early adulthood "as well as the development of my addictions and insanely obsessive compulsive behaviour".

"I knew that was not going to be easy or pretty," she writes.

It was a process - of discovery, highs and lows, and miraculous healings.

Lesley has dedicated the book to anyone struggling with a difficult relationship, who is tired of unsuccessful dieting or who is trying to overcome traumas and addictions.

The book also provides a practical approach to sobriety and the measures she put in place to lose weight, become happier, confident and healthier.

For 15 years, Lesley has worked with women in 12-step recovery and the disease of addiction.

Now, at 67, she has transformed into a fit, vibrant woman who hopes to help others "overcome their difficulties and feel as alive and wonderful as I feel on the inside".

Finding Fabulous Over 60, by Lesley Thomas (Ultimate World Publishing) RRP $29.95.

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