Cheery cacti give spike of colour

Craft a cactus for Canteen to spread joy

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CRAFTY LOT: Use your talents to create a cactus for Canteen.

CRAFTY LOT: Use your talents to create a cactus for Canteen.


Knitted and crocheted cacti are popping up in hospital and GP waiting rooms across the country.


Knitters and crocheters take up your tools: it's time to craft a cactus for Canteen.

The crafty people from Canteen Tasmania came up with the Cacti for Canteen campaign a while back to create cute crochet cacti to fill hospitals, GPs and waiting rooms with colour and cheer.

Its members created a couple of crocheted cacti - one to keep and one to give - as a symbol of happiness.

As a result, the group donated a bunch (actually, a quick search says it's a spike) of cacti to Hobart Hospital Oncology - and they were such a hit, the charity was inundated with requests for more countertop cacti from medical centres from across the state.

Soon craft groups, book clubs, social workers and a knitting group from Burnie Library jumped onboard helping to make more woolly wonders.

So now the call has gone out nationally for creative types to get their needles clicking and hooks hooking to turn their talents to something new while lending a hand to the charity that helps young people affected by cancer.

You can send the oh-so-cute cacti to your nearest Canteen office to be placed in waiting rooms, hospitals and medical centres.

You can download the patterns from the website or request a DIY kit containing everything you need. There are six cactus patterns - three knitted and three crocheted.

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