7 Easy-to-make comfort food for seniors

7 Easy-to-make comfort food for seniors


Try the following recipes you can make in a few hours that seniors will enjoy without worrying about the nutrients they need:


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Comfort food for senior citizens is essential to maintain their strength and health. However, if you lack time preparing their meals or you're a senior who lost interest in cooking, you need easy-to-make foods.

While some meals are already ready to eat, it's still best to have them personally prepared.

With such, try the following recipes you can make in a few hours that seniors will enjoy without worrying about the nutrients they need:

1. Fruit salad

Depending on the preference of the elder, you can choose from various fruits in the market. Shop for fresh or organic ones. But before grocery shopping, check out the Aldi catalogue as you might find great deals and you can shop more for lesser costs.

For the fruit salad ingredients, try to keep it simple and classy by adding slices of grapes and apples. If you want to bring some twists, add some mango, kiwi, and berries. With this simple fruit salad recipe, the seniors will feel full and refreshed. What's more interesting with this recipe is the fruits contain high vitamin C, making it nutritious comfort food.

2. Autumn and winter soups

During autumn and winter, you can easily prepare soups with reduced salt, fat, and sugar. Pair it with a salad and crusty bread to make chilly nights warm and comfortable for the elders.

One great soup recipe is the Southwestern Soup. All you need are the following ingredients:

  • Chilli powder
  • Cumin
  • Chicken broth
  • Northern beans
  • Diced chicken
  • Green salsa

And for garnish, you can opt for a mix of the following:

  • Fresh cilantro
  • Green onion
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Sour cream

You can make this soup for about 10-15 minutes. First, mix the ingredients and cook them till boiling. Wait for some time and let it simmer for five to seven minutes. And voila, you now have a soup to warm your elder's heart.

3. Zucchini meatballs

If they're craving meatballs but looking to cut down on meat, try zucchini meatballs.

Not only are they healthy, but you may find it fun to make. It's an Italian comfort food that's suitable for all ages.

What's more fun is to enjoy them over a bowl of multigrain pasta with marinara sauce. Complete this Italian meal by saying 'Eccellente!' after finishing.

4. 'Breakfast for dinner'

Give your elders a twist: serve them breakfast meals for dinner. Change the norm from time to time to break the monotony they may be feeling.

Some breakfast staples like whole-grain toast and fresh fruits can be fulfilling meals.

You may even want to add some eggs served as omelettes, frittatas, or quiches. Also, make their egg meals more delicious by adding sauteed or roasted vegetables.

While coffee may be their usual morning drink, serve them tea or juice instead. That way, they won't have a hard time falling asleep.

5. Grilled salmon sandwich

For snacks or lunch, you may serve them grilled salmon sandwiches. They're easy to make and they're healthier alternatives to oily burgers.

All you need is to prepare slices of cheese, red bell pepper, red onion, lettuce leaf, and boneless salmon.

Spread butter on each side of the two pieces of bread and heat them in a skillet. Add the other ingredients and cover with the other piece of bread. Serve it with their favourite juice or tea to complete their meal.

6. Loaded mashed potato

Another comfort food to fill their stomach is loaded mashed potatoes. You may want to add extra spices and cheese to make this recipe more flavourful.

With this simple meal, your elders will surely be full through the day. Moreover, they can easily chew it, so there'd be no worries about receiving complaints.

7. Greek yogurt with fresh berries

Lastly, another easy-to-serve comfort food for seniors is Greek yogurt with fresh berries.

Choose full-fat plain yogurt as it contains low amounts of sugar and higher protein.

With this food, your elders can satiate their cravings for some snacks. Make it tastier by adding berries that have a high amount of antioxidants perfect for seniors.

Berries also have less sugar than other fruits, so you can serve this comfort food to elders with high sugar levels.


While elders need to watch for their diet, they don't need complicated recipes to sustain their nutrients.

If you're aiming to serve comfort foods, you may want to consider the list above. They may even prepare these by themselves as they are easy to make.