Retirement living - a haven in uncertain times

Retirement living - a haven in uncertain times

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Sponsored content Just when we thought we had it licked, COVID cases are on the rise again, disrupting our lives and sending many of us back into lockdown. On...


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Just when we thought we had it licked, COVID cases are on the rise again, disrupting our lives and sending many of us back into lockdown.

One casualty of the new restrictions are the upcoming retirement living expos at Camden and Castle Hill in Sydney. These expos will be postponed until we can safely gather again. Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by these cancellations. Unfortunately, In the current situation, circumstances can change very rapidly so please confirm future expo dates at our website: or with the venue.

Retirees outside of Sydney will be happy to hear that our expos are held throughout the country, including in many regional areas. Visit the website to find out more about the next expo near you and discover why retirement villages and resorts are more popular than ever.

Retirement communities are in strong demand right now for many reasons ranging from demographic trends to financial and lifestyle considerations but, undeniably, COVID is a major factor.

The virus has increased feelings of vulnerability throughout the community, especially for seniors.

Even worse, lockdowns, border closures and health concerns have isolated many of us from our friends and family, just when we need them most.

It's no surprise then that inquiries to retirement living properties are surging as retirees seek safety and companionship in a tight-knit community.

Retirement villages and resorts are supportive environments where residents and staff look out for each other, says Steve Sinclair, Residents' Committee president at BaptistCare's Aminya Village in Baulkham Hills.

"Village life is very much about people caring for one another. There's more of a sense of community than ever because COVID has made everyone aware of what can happen.

"We felt safer here during the worst of the pandemic because the management is extremely good at looking after people," he says.

Physical and mental wellbeing is a top priority for village operators, says Lendlease's Retirement Living Head of Resident Operations, Tamara Rasmussen.

Along with strengthened hygiene measures, Lendlease has introduced initiatives to keep residents engaged with each other and their loved ones.

"This pandemic has touched all residents in one way or another. Village teams have worked incredibly hard to provide increased support to residents and their families. As a result, Lendlease has been overwhelmed with positive feedback.

Retirement living means never having to feel alone, says Stockland Bellevue Gardens Administration Officer Rachel Barley. Not everyone has a loved one to share their home but in a village, surrounded by like-minded neighbours, there is always someone looking out for you, she says.

"Now more than ever, having this security means the most to our little community. You don't have to leave our village to continue the life you love," Rachel says.

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