Four tips for seniors to keep warm at home this winter

Four tips for seniors to keep warm at home this winter


Four helpful tips for seniors looking to keep warm this winter.


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Whilst the colder months of the year can be a peaceful, quiet time for seniors, they can also offer some serious challenges.

As we get older, our ability to control and regulate our body temperature reduces. This puts the elderly at a greater risk of hypothermia, especially over winter. This is also the peak time of the 'flu season', which can be very dangerous for older generations.

For these reasons, as well as general comfort, it's very important for seniors to stay warm when it gets cold. Here are some handy tips for keeping warm at home during this time of year.

Invest in a reverse cycle air conditioner

A good heating system is essential during winter. We recommend investing in a quality reverse cycle air conditioner. These systems offer hot air to heat your home through winter, and have cold air on standby for the warmer months.

Many reverse cycle heating systems come equipped with an air conditioning zone controller. These handy gadgets allow you to control the room temperature throughout your home all from the convenient click of a button. You can make your living room feel warmer without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair.

When making winter preparations, be sure to book a professional heater service. This will keep your system healthy so you don't run into issues such as your reverse cycle air conditioner not heating.

Weatherproof your home

If you've invested in a reverse cycle air conditioner for reliable heating, the last thing you'll want is your precious heat escaping through the cracks in your home. Over winter, draughts can account for up to 25 percent of heat loss from your home. Not only will this rack up your heating bill, but it will also make staying warm a challenge.

Make sure you seal your doors and windows, and try to eliminate drafts with weather stripping materials. At the very least, close your curtains and blinds on cold days, or even place rolled up towels at the bottom of your doors to prevent warm air escaping.

You should also ensure that your home has good insulation. Ask friends and family to help inspect your home before the winter chills set in. Check for sufficient insulation in your attic, crawlspaces, and any other areas that could cause heat loss.

Bundle up to stay warm

One of the best ways to stay warm over winter is to simply rug up. Dress in layers, keep a wool blanket on hand to throw over your legs, and wear socks and slippers to keep your feet warm when walking around the house.

The coldest part of the night is typically right before dawn, so layer up when sleeping as well. Invest in an electric blanket, or keep a hot water bottle under the covers. You should also have extra blankets on your bed for added warmth.

Maintain good nutrition

It's essential for seniors to maintain good nutrition and stay hydrated throughout winter. Foods with high nutritional value will help your body to fend off minor sickness and recover quicker if you do fall ill. Eat lots of fibre and protein, as well as plenty of vitamins.

Staying hydrated is also extremely important. If plain water doesn't excite you, get your fluids in by drinking hot tea. Not only will this help keep you hydrated, it will also warm you up throughout the day.

We also recommend that seniors minimise their alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking can cause your body heat to lower more quickly, thus it should be avoided.

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