Can you help flush out Australia's hidden toilets?

Great Dunny Hunt needs you to help find Australia's hidden public toilets

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ROOM WITH A VIEW: Help map Australia's regional public toilets. Photo: Pixabay

ROOM WITH A VIEW: Help map Australia's regional public toilets. Photo: Pixabay


The Great Dunny Hunt is on


Where's the loo when you need one? There's nothing worse than being caught short when you're out and about.

That's why the Continence Foundation has come up with the Great Dunny Hunt - urging Aussies travelling around the country to help locate Australia's unmapped regional public toilets.

With many people packing up and heading off on road trips, family holidays and weekends away this Easter period, the foundation is asking those who are out and about to register the location of regional public toilets on the National Public Toilet Map website or app.

While this is a cheeky campaign to build up the National Public Toilet Map, the underlying purpose is to support over five million Australians affected by incontinence by providing them with a real time, reliable map of public toilets across the country.

The map currently lists over 19,000 toilets, but the foundation believes there could be thousands of regional facilities across the country that are not on the map.

"There are small towns, bigger regional areas, parks and service stations, not to mention new builds of community centres and play areas that are coming online all the time.

"We are keen for people to share local knowledge to support Australians living with continence issues," said Continence Foundation chief executive Rowan Cockerell.

"The fear of not having access to toilets in public can restrict, and even stop, people from leaving their home for everyday activities," added Ms Cockerell.

There are over two million searches for public toilets carried out on the toilet map annually. Ms Cockerell said people living with a variety of health conditions and the elderly can all be living with incontinence but the toilet map is also an asset to families with young children, grey nomads and day trippers.

Everyone who submits a regional public toilet location to also has a chance to win one of three $500 Eftpos vouchers.

  • The Great Dunny Hunt kicked off on April 1 and runs until June 20. For more information go to
  • For continence advice call the National Continence Helpline, 1800-330-066 or visit