Great surfers relive their Golden Daze

Golden Daze charts the best years of Australian surfing

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Sean Doherty takes an entertaining look at the history of Australian surfing through the sport's legends.


Rabbit Bartholomew, Mark Warren, Pam Burridge ... they're Aussie household names and legends for our surfing fraternity.

The trio are just some of the greats who have helped shape Australia's surfing history.

A new book by leading Australian surf writer Sean Doherty brings to life the wild, bold, brave story of Australian surfing from 1915 to the present through the stories of Surfing Australia's Hall of Fame surfers and contemporary surfing legends.

Golden Daze tells the story of Australian surfing one year at a time through the lives of our greatest surfers - from Isabel Letham (1915) and Snowy McAlister (1928), to Mick Fanning (2015) and Tyler Wright (2016) - and everyone in between.

It takes a deep dive into a significant year of their surfing lives. Years when they won, years when they lost. Years where their surfing and their surfboards changed the game. Grommet years when the days never ended. Years where they surfed up the coast, down the coast and globetrotted into the great unknown.

Years when both surfing and society changed. Years when they made high art, experienced spiritual awakenings or were just tubed out of their minds.

Even years where they survived the embrace of a great white shark.

Part journal, part biography, part surf culture memoir, it's a fascinating insight into what makes Australian surfing tick.

Golden Daze: The best years of Australian Surfing by Sean Doherty (Hachette Australia) RRP $45 available HERE or at good bookstores.