What to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts

Vinnies urges Aussies to donated unwanted Christmas gifts

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RE-GIFTING: Don't let those unwanted gifts collect dust in your cupboard - donate them to charity says Vinnies. Photo: StockSnap from Pixabay

RE-GIFTING: Don't let those unwanted gifts collect dust in your cupboard - donate them to charity says Vinnies. Photo: StockSnap from Pixabay


Donate your unwanted gifts to help people in need and reduce landfill, says Vinnies.


The glass chess set, the shopping trolley cover, the cocktail ice pick, the rolled up socks that look like sushi, the scented candles. We all struggle when it comes to buying presents for people who have everything.

But what happens to all those thoughtful, but unwanted, Christmas gifts and stocking fillers?

Vinnies is urging Aussies to donate their unwanted gifts to help provide vital services to locals in need.

Vinnies Queensland is calling on people across the state to declutter their cupboards and 're-gift, reuse and recycle' unwanted Christmas gifts to help change the lives of people in need into the new year.

Vinnies Queensland General Manager of Operations, Drew Eide, said whether the unwanted items don't fit, won't be used, or simply aren't your style, all donations to Vinnies will not only contribute to the wellbeing of another person in need, but will also save unwanted gifts from ending up in landfill.

He said with more people than ever experiencing hardship caused by unemployment, financial stress, threat of eviction, and an increased risk of homelessness this year due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, Vinnies has never needed more support to continue to deliver its life-changing services.

Mr Eide said the simple act of donating second-hand gifts and other unused items will have a significant impact on helping Vinnies fund its vital work in Queensland communities.

"If you're struggling to find room for all that stuff, your 'unwanted item' might be the perfect 'treasure' that someone else is searching for," he said.

"No matter how plain or quirky, Vinnies welcomes all donations of useable gifts that are in good condition including quality clothing, furniture and household items.

"And by donating, you can feel good about helping Vinnies turn your unwanted presents into the perfect gift for struggling Queenslanders.

"Vinnies stores are one of the best places to find unique items, help the environment and support the welfare of vulnerable Queenslanders. We are so grateful for the continual support of the community to help us provide for those doing it tough.

He said proceeds from the sale of recycled gifts will go towards community programs including emergency assistance, housing and homelessness support, youth programs and disaster relief.

Donations are accepted at all Vinnies retail stores during operating hours or through donation bins located across the state. People are encouraged not to leave donations outside Vinnies' shop fronts.

If you need help donating quality second-hand furniture, phone 1800 846 643. www.qld.vinnies.org.au