Noel Whittaker's guide to retirement

Plan to retire: it's worth the effort

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Financial commentator Noel Whittaker shares everything you need to know to retire well.


WHEN Noel Whittaker talks about retirement finances, people listen. And when he releases a new book, it flies off the shelves.

And that's bound to be the case for his latest offering, Retirement made simple: Everything you need to know.

For more than 25 years, the respected financial commentator has provided Australians with his no-nonsense approach to money and finances. The Senior's readers will know him from his popular Q&A column every month.

In this new book, Noel teaches basic disciplines to help create a healthy retirement fund, how to use it, and how to enjoy everything life has to offer.

Retirees are the fastest-growing group in the country. In 2019, Australia had 3.9 million retirees; in the 20 years ending 2031, the number of over-65s is expected to increase to 5.7 million.

"The pressure to restrict access to age pensions is increasing as the numbers of over-65s increase," he writes in his introduction.

"Yet those in the workforce are faced with trying to build funds for their own retirement at the same time as they are being called upon to support the growing number of aged people.

"The good news is that accumulating wealth for retirement and then keeping it secure after retirement is still possible for those who make the effort to learn what to do."

His easy-to-follow steps to secure financial security in retirement include:

- Shares, real estate and cash investments

- Understanding risk and scams

- Timing, downsizing and budget

- Taxation

- Superannuation strategies, accessing your super and more

- Pension and equity strategies

- Estate planning and wills

- Living your best life all the way to the end

Noel Whittaker is a member of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Liaison Committee, which meets regularly to discuss financial services sector matters. He has written more than 20 best-selling books, with worldwide sales of more than two million copies.

Retirement made simple, by Noel Whittaker (published by NWH), RRP $29.99, at good bookstores or HERE