Self-funded advised to check eligibility for budget bonus

Deeming changes mean more could qualify for budget bonus payments

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National Seniors Australia says more self-funded retirees could qualify for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.


Self-funded retirees are being advised to check if they are eligible for the federal government's two $250 budget bonus payments, even if they don't think they qualify.

Consumer and advocacy group National Seniors Australia says tens of thousands of seniors may not realise they qualify because changes to deeming rates has improved eligibility for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

The health card is the main criteria used to determine if a self-funded retiree qualifies for the budget stimulus payments.

Self-funded retirees have until November 27 to be eligible and get the first $250 payment.

"Self-funded retirees who are among the hardest hit by the COVID financial crisis could really do with some extra cash in their pockets going into Christmas," said National Seniors chief advocate Ian Henschke.

"I urge all self-funded retirees who are not CSHC holders to at least check the eligibility criteria and apply before the November 27 deadline."

To qualify for the card, you must have reached pension age, meet an income test, are not receiving any payments from Veterans Affairs and are an Australian resident living in Australia.

To meet the income test you must earn below $55,808 for singles, $89,290 for couples and $111,616 for couples separated by illness, respite care or prison.

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